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Useful Lunch Containers and Utensils

Looking for a simple and fast storage solution for packing your lunches? These useful utensils and storage solutions will make packing your lunch as simple as 1-2-3!

For Savory Salads

Want to pack a salad but don’t want it to get soggy in storage? We have a container for that.

Lime Green lunch bowl with fork and sauce pot, designed by Black+Blum. The perfect size lunch box for salads. Microwave safe, BPA free and dishwasher safe, $23.95


Keep your greens crisp and your croutons crunchy with the Eco Deluxe Collapsible Salad Bowl, $11.95


For Big Appetites

Box Appetit is a revolutionary new lunch box. More like a ceramic bowl than your standard food container and with better functionality, $24.95


This silicone Collapsible Eco Lunch Box collapses after you’re done eating for light travels and a modern space-saving solution, $12.95


Beneficial Bentos

For a simple and minimal solution, The Skater Lunch Box No. 4 is conveniently easy to open and can hold 2 different dishes with it’s removable divider. On sale for $4.95

With an included fork/spoon/knife combo tool and different color combos to choose from, you can’t go wrong with the compact and efficient Bento Box! $19.95

Box Appetit Bento Box

Convenient Containers

Got a nice hot soup you want to keep warm for a few hours while on the road? Or want to keep your food storage minimal? Well, we have a container for that too!

Intended for simplicity without losing its function. The Lime Lunch Pot travels with you easily, and hey, it’s even microwavable and dishwasher safe! $23.95



A stainless steel vacuum food flask, that will keep your food piping hot. This Thermo Pot flask is the perfect and stylish way to take hot or cold food and drinks with you, $39.95

BLACK + BLUM Thermo Pot

Stay Hydrated

The Eco Tea Cup 360ml is a BPA-free drinking cup made from environmentally-friendly materials so you can stay healthy and hydrated each time you use it, $9.95

No more cheap coffee mugs for you! Give yourself a permanent gift with this awesome, money-friendly, eco-friendly Eco Top universal lid! $8.95



Keep It Cool

Introducing Packit, the first foldable and freezable lunch bag. This convenient lunch tote contains a patented eco-gel that leaves your lunch insulated for up to 10 hours!$ 21.95


This playful insulated lunch tote states “Human Organ For Transplant” across the front, which is definitely all anyone needs to steer clear! $16.95


And Don’t Forget The Utensils!

MoMA presents the Ramen Spoon + Fork. This unique combination can easily twist noodles and scoop soup, $16.00

Moma ramen spoon fork

Kikkerland Travel Chopsticks

These steel travel chopsticks feature a unique collapsible design that easily fits in your pocket or purse. Perfect for travel or meals on-the-go, $7.95


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