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Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Type Of Dad

Wondering what to get your father for Father’s Day this year? Are you bored with the same old gifts of ties, mugs, or some kind of sports memorabilia? We’ve created the ultimate guide with gift ideas for all different dads’ interests in mind. Maybe your dad likes a blast from the past and will enjoy some retro gifts, or perhaps your dad is more into the funny and humorous types of presents. Look through this list of the best father’s day gifts and get inspired with some great new ideas!

For Retro Dad

LED Disco Ball Bluetooth Speaker


Dome LED Disco Ball with Bluetooth Speaker (Crystal) |

Give your dad a taste of the 70’s again with the LED Disco Ball Bluetooth Speaker. Watch as it turns any room into a psychedelic display of colors that will bring a retro feel to the modern day party.

Spin Clean Record Washer System

Does your dad love his records and wants to keep them as pristine as the first day he spun them? Give him the gift of the Spin Clean Record Washer System that will allow him to safely and thoroughly clean his retro records, preserving their wonderful quality and sound.

For Serious Dad

Normann Copenhagen Whiskey Glass Set

Whiskey Glass (Set of 2) |

For the dads who love their whiskey and want to drink it in the style it deserves, you can’t go wrong with the Whiskey Glasses set. Raise a glass and toast to a wonderful Father’s Day.

Wobble Chess Set

Give dad a cool twist on the classic chess game with a Wobble Chess Set. Experience chess like never before thanks to this board’s concave spaces that allow the spherical-based pieces to wobble, sway, and move as you play.

Revolver Gun Pen Holder

If your dad has too many pens cluttering his desk, he’ll appreciate the Revolver Cylinder Pen Holder. This case resembles a revolver and will make an interesting piece for dad to keep his pens in at work or in his home office.

For Fun Dad

Virtual Reality Glasses

Dad can experience a whole new world of virtual reality with the VR Box 2.0 that comes with the glasses headset and controller. Go 3D with games, apps, and videos this Father’s Day.

Ick Mug

Hopefully your dad has a sense of humor to find this mug funny. The Ick Mug is a great gag gift that will give dad a good laugh when he opens it.

For Traveling Dad

Dad Travel Tumbler

World's Greatest Dad Traveler Tumbler 16 oz. |

The cup says it all and you can make dad feel like the World’s Greatest Dad with this wonderful Travel Tumbler. Perfect for him to take in the morning with his coffee or to fill with water, this double-walled insulated tumbler will make one handy gift.

Papa Travel Tumbler

World's Greatest Papa Traveler Tumbler 16 oz. |

Perhaps you call your dad papa. Instead of the World’s Greatest Dad Tumbler, how about the World’s Greatest Papa Tumbler for Father’s Day?

Car Seat Massager

If your dad travels a lot for work, make the car ride a little bit easier now with the Car Seat Massager. His tired back and sore muscles will thank you with this comfortable seat addition that will make driving much more bearable.

For Active Dad

GCI Wilderness Outdoor Recliner Chair

GCI Wilderness Recliner Chair - 2Shopper

Let dad kick back and enjoy the great outdoors with the GCI Wilderness Recliner Chair. Perfect for camping, hiking, or just chilling in the backyard, this portable and folding chair can easily be carried on his back and will be great for relaxation on-the-go.

BetaOptics Military HD Zoom Binoculars 

Let dad see nature up-close now with the BetaOptics Military HD Zoom Binoculars. These high-powered binoculars will make bird watching, sightseeing, and even sports events much more up close and personal.

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