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Memorable Gear For Memorial Day

What are your plans for Memorial Day this year? Are you going to spend it with the family barbecuing, having a picnic, or heading to the beach? Whatever ideas you have, get ready to celebrate with these 5 must-have items for any Memorial Day Celebration!

Emergency Meal Transplant Cooler

Fred EMT Cooler

Your guests may or may not want to go near whatever you have stored inside this cooler when they read what’s on the front. Bring the humor along with some nice cold drinks to your Memorial Day celebrating with the Emergency Meal Transplant Cooler by Fred & Friends. A perfect portable cooler for all your drinking needs, just fill it up with your beers, soda, or even perishable foods, and get ready for a fun day out with the friends and family.

GCI Wilderness Recliner Chair

GCI Wilderness Recliner Chair - 2Shopper

Do you just want to sit back for the day and unwind? Bask in the relaxation of your day off from work and lie back in the GCI Wilderness Recliner Chair. Feel the cushioned support and the comfort of this great portable chair that you can take with you to any backyard barbecue or beach event.

Ice Pack Flask 

Ice Pack Flask |

Perhaps you don’t want others knowing you are drinking today. Hide that liquor in a flask no one would ever expect with the Ice Pack Flask. This clever product is designed to look like a classic ice pack, but there won’t be water inside this one but something a bit stronger. Pick your favorite drink and stash this little guy somewhere only you know.

Portable V-Grill

Time to get the grilling started today because what Memorial Day is complete without a little at-home barbecuing? Take your grilling with you thanks to the Portable V-Grill, an easy-to-carry portable grill that can go with you anywhere. Grab those burgers, ribs, hot dogs, and sausages, and get that charcoal ready because you’ll be all set for a great day of barbecue thanks to this Portable V-Grill.

Sunscreen SPF 50 Flask

You won’t find sunscreen inside this bottle. That’s for sure. Get stealthy with your drinking thanks to the Sunscreen SPF 50 Flask. A great accessory for those special events that you want to bring your booze to but can’t, or even for those parties where you don’t want to share your secret stash.

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