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Beautiful Bird Décor Just In Time for Spring

Flowers are not the only thing that symbolize springtime. Besides the many beautiful plants that begin to bloom during this season, nature also reveals some incredible animals. Birds are one such creature that makes spring sing, literally. You can always hear their wonderful chirps throughout the morning and into the evening as the sun sets. With so many great sounds of spring filtering your ears, it is no wonder people like to add some bird-themed items to their home. Here are the five sweet products that’ll really bring those majestic feathered friends into your home.

“Birds on a Wire” Picture Hanger

Perhaps you want a clever way to display your photos from that last vacation or those family snapshots from the most recent get together. The Birds On A Wire Picture Hanger will bring that touch of springtime to your photos thanks to the eight blackbirds that sit perched on the included wire.

Fred Birds on a Wire

Dancing Chirping Bird

Awaken to the sounds of birds singing right inside your home with the Heat Sensor Chirping Bird. This colorful friend sits perched on his branch surrounded by leaves and flowers. When you walk by, watch as his beak, neck, tail, and body start to dance as his cheerful chirp rings through your home.

Copper Hummingbird Swing


Place this Copper Hummingbird Swing near hummer feeders and enjoy watching them sit and swing.  Hummingbirds are territorial and will use this swing as a perch to watch over their food source. The attached red glass bead dangler helps attract birds into your yard or garden. A great gift for bird watchers and animal lovers!

Cone Bird House

Great creative this season with your bird-related gifts when you get the Cone Bird House. You and the kids will enjoy crafting together this adorable abode for all your feathered friends. Once completed, this weatherproof and durable house will be the talk of the town for all the birds in the neighborhood who stop by for a perch.

Small Hanging Grass Twine House With Roof


Give small birds shelter from a storm with this Small Hanging Grass Twine House With Roof. A variety of small songbirds will use this birdhouse including Chickadees, Wrens, and House Finches. Hang this Roosting Pocket in a tree by looping the twine hanger over a limb.


Birdbox Radio

All the birds out there will be dancing and singing along with you when the sweet tunes start playing from this Birdbox Radio. Both an FM radio and a MP3 player, you’ll have quite the party going once this house starts cranking up the volume.

Songbird Mobile

Songbird Mobile |

So you may not be able to bring real birds inside from the wild, but you can get close with the Songbird Mobile. This treasured mobile features six unique birds that will move and flutter ever so delicately as the slightest breeze passes by them. Enjoy watching these birds float from the attached string as this moving work of art hangs from your home’s ceiling.

Hummer Helper Cage and Nest


Invite hummingbirds to nest in your yard with the Hummer Helper Cage and Nest. Lots of other birds love and use hummer helper including goldfinches, titmice and more. Includes coated wire cage filled with nesting material. Hummer helper helps take the place of spider webs and lichen in lining the tiny nests. Great addition to any garden or nursery.


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