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Fun Party Ideas For A Cinco De Mayo Fiesta!

It is time to get the fiesta started on Cinco de Mayo, the day commemorating Mexico’s victory in 1862 over France in the Battle of Puebla. Get those drinks ready, that tasty cuisine, and awesome music. Grab a sombrero because it is time to get this party started!

Taco Truck Holders

taco truck holders

What party celebrating Mexico could be complete without some TACOS! Lay out a spread of all the ingredients you can think of and let your guests get creative by making their own favorite taco combinations. Give them a holder to rest their tasty tacos in with the Taco Truck Holders. These vibrantly-colored trucks will really stand out at your fiesta, so let them park on your table and allow the treats to roll.

taco truck holders


TriceraTACO Holders

TriceraTACO taco holder

Thought to be extinct the prehistoric taco holder is back! Ready to carry two delicious tacos, this hilarious and useful TriceraTACO taco holder resembles a Triceratops straight from the Jurassic period. Perfect for kids and adults alike for Cinco De Mayo or any taco night!

Luchador Bottle Opener

Luchador Bottle Opener

With all the drinks you’ll be serving on Cinco de Mayo, you’ll need a way to open those sealed-on caps. The Luchador Bottle Opener will do nicely. This Mexican wrestler has stepped out of the ring and onto your party table this year to help you pop the tops off those bottles with his barrel hold of steel. With this strongman, those caps won’t stand a chance.

lucahdor bottle opener


Sugar Skull Cookie Cutters

sugar skull cookie cutters

Bring a little Mexican culture to your desserts on Cinco de Mayo with the Sugar Skull Cookie Cutters. Roll out the dough of your favorite kind of cookie and give them the stamp of these sugary skulls. Once baked, get creative and decorate your cookies so they look just as fun and festive as the rest of the day.


Poncho Bottle Cozies


Even your bottles want to get in on the festive action on May 5th. Enjoy accessorizing your beer bottles or even soda bottles with the Poncho Bottle Cozy. This colorful cover will keep your drinks cool as you celebrate throughout the afternoon while also giving your bottles that Cinco de Mayo style that makes it a perfect addition to your party!

Poncho bottle koozie

Inflatable Sombrero CoolerInflatable Sombrero Cooler

Forget boring old coolers on Cinco de Mayo. Today, it is all about the sombrero! The Inflatable Sombrero Cooler is a great party item for keeping drinks nice and cold.  Hold up to ten 12-ounce cans with this festive accessory and you’ll have the perfect centerpiece to your holiday celebrating.

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