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7 Unique Rainy Day Accessories For April Showers

April showers bring May flowers. This is a saying for a reason. During this time of year between the middle of spring and before summer starts, the weather tends to turn rainy so more flowers start blooming in the following months. Don’t get left out in the storm and keep yourself dry thanks to this handy gear and equipment that will help you on that next rainy day.

Samurai Umbrella

Train to be the ultimate master in dodging the rain and staying dry with the Samurai Umbrella. This fun umbrella will bring out the ninja in you thanks to its sword grip handle and sleeve with strap that make it look just like a real samurai weapon. Fight the rain this season with this trusty sword/umbrella by your side.


Sky Umbrella

MOMA Sky Umbrella

Make that cloudy and rainy day seem just a little bit brighter and clearer with the Sky Umbrella. As the rain pelts down on the black exterior, you can still see a clear blue sky with white clouds on the interior of this umbrella. Open it up and stay dry!

Drop It Hooks


Usually you don’t like bringing the rain into the house, but this time you can make an exception when it involves the Drop It Hooks. Hang your umbrellas, purses, jackets, and more from these cute wall accessories and decorate your home’s entryway in hooks that are fit for this rainy season.

Stormproof Matches


There is nothing more annoying than trying to light a match in a storm. Are you doing some camping out in the wilderness this season and need a durable way to store your matches? The Stormproof Match Kit is the ultimate way to ensure that neither wind nor rain will prevent you from lighting any campfires during your adventures.

Shoe Dryer


The odds are you have stepped in a puddle accidentally before or got your shoes soaked during a particularly bad downpour. Before you think you’ve ruined those favorite shoes, break out the DryGuy AC/DC Shoe Dryer. Simply put the device inside your shoes, plug it in, and before you know it, your shoes are all warm and toasty again. Perfect for at-home use or travel, take the dryer with you whenever and wherever your shoes get wet.

Dog Umbrella


Even Fido doesn’t want to get all wet when it starts raining. Keep your pup dry with the Dog Umbrella. A perfect way to take them out for a walk in the rain, this see-through umbrella easily attaches to their collar and provides the owner with an umbrella handle to hold on to. Clever, stylish, and adorable to use, enjoy the Dog Umbrella this season when the rain starts to pour.

Umbrella Cup Holder


What do you do when you have your umbrella in one hand, phone in the other, but need to carry your coffee with you on that rainy morning? The Umbrella Cup Holder is the answer to this coffee conundrum. Holds up to two cups, this handy and brilliant invention will fold down without any spillage once you have to close the umbrella when you go inside. Check it out for yourself!


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