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Refreshing Home Decor Just In Time For Spring

As the winter season slowly comes to a close, start packing up those warmer clothes and get ready to spend more time outdoors in the spring air and sunshine.  With spring just around the corner, it is time to shift your décor to a more refreshing and light ambiance. Make your home fit for the season with some bright colors, floral patterns, and designs perfect for spring. If you are stumped on where to begin with your decorating masterpiece, here are a few ideas to get you started.



Nothing says spring more than blossoming flowers and now you can turn your room’s walls into a shower of beautiful petals with these Wallflowers Wall Décor. With 25 flower appliques, you can stick and design in any way you see fit. Make your walls pop this spring with a garden of wall décor you’ll just love for the season.

CMYK Coasters


Introduce some new photography into your home’s décor this spring but in a way no one would expect. The CMYK Coasters bring you art in a whole new experience thanks to the four coasters in cyan, magenta, yellow, and black that once placed together, reveal a famous work of art.

Hunting Trophy Door Light

They’re colorful, motion sensor, and will give you some much needed light in those darker evenings. They are the Hunting Trophy Door Lights and they are ready to be mounted on your walls this spring.



Cherry Blossom Lights cmi11480__68559-1461284432-600-600

Keep that floral décor going with the Cherry Blossom Lights. This set of 3 branches will look stunning in foyers, on porches, in living rooms, and even bedrooms. Set them in a vase and allow them to light up your home with their beautiful rice bulbs, delicate petals, and charming branches.


Lavender In A Bag

Lavender in a bag


Tis the season for some gardening and now you can get started with the Lavender in a Bag set. This kit comes with everything you’ll need to start growing your very first lavender plant right in your home. So whether you live in an apartment or just don’t have the garden space you need in a house, you’ll have all the ingredients you need right in one bag for some lavender to blossom.

Spring Wine Glass Writers wgw999952_1__89362-1443826386-600-600

Enjoy a nice glass of wine with your friends outside this season, but don’t mistake one glass for another’s. Thanks to the Spring Wine Glass Writers, you can decorate and label each person’s cup so there’s no confusion. As an added bonus, you can get these great markers in the spring colors set of pinot, wild flower purple, and sky blue.

Folklore Day Mug       wlfafol033__80841-1415303837-600-600

When spring begins, the animals start to reemerge after the chills of winter have subsided. Introduce these wild critters into your home’s décor now with the help of the Folklore Day Mugs. These adorable cups feature an array of nature’s creatures from foxes to deer, and squirrels to bears.

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