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Cute Gifts for Bunny Lovers

Who doesn’t love bunny rabbits? With their big floppy ears, adorable little noses, and bushy tails, these sweet and furry friends are absolutely precious. Whether it is in honor of Easter or you just have bunnies on the brain, here are some cute gifts for the bunny lover in your life.

Bunny Platter 8185bk80hll-_sl1500_

If you are planning some spring baking or a party for Easter, what better way to display those scrumptious sweets than with the Bunny Platter? Choose from cookies, cupcakes, sandwiches, or snacks, and let you and your guests enjoy them with this wonderful centerpiece that is a perfect complement to the season.

Bunnyside Up Egg Mold


Make your mornings something to “hop” out of bed for when you know there are eggs shaped like bunnies waiting for you. The Bunnyside Up Egg Mold is a fun way to turn those plain old sunny side up eggs into something adorable.

Bunny Ring Holder


Keep your rings from ever hopping away again with the Bunny Ring Holder there to protect them. This sleek little guy is made of metal with a chrome finish for the ultimate look of luxury when it comes to holding your most precious rings.

Bunny Lovers on Bench Sculpture


Love is in the air for these two bunnies as they enjoy the wonderful sunshine and fresh air that spring has brought. Add the adorable Bunny Lovers on Bench Sculpture to your yard’s décor for a perfect spring accessory. Featuring two bunnies sitting together on a bench, sharing a quick kiss beneath their umbrella, you’ll fall in love with this lovable statue.

Rabbit Bottle Stopperuba480350-158b-a__95335-1476899199-600-600

For the bunny lover you know who also loves their wine, the Menagerie Wine Topper will make a great accessory for keeping those bottles sealed tight. The next time you pop that cork on your favorite vino, you’ll be glad you have this bunny stopper there to save the rest and keep it fresh for another day.

One comment on “Cute Gifts for Bunny Lovers

  1. kentucky55
    December 13, 2017

    Love the egg one.


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