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5 Fun and Functional Items To Make Spring Cleaning Easy Breezy

It is that time of year again: spring cleaning! As is tradition every year, start organizing your home and packing up those winter clothes and clearing out any excess junk that has piled up throughout the past months. Start scrubbing that bathroom till it shines, make those floors sparkle like brand new, sweep away the dust that has settled in hard-to-reach places, and turn your kitchen into a chef’s paradise. You’ll need the supplies to get prepared for these tasks ahead, so here are a few products that will help make spring cleaning both fun and more organized this year.

Ducky Bath Brush

 duck bath brush

Who wouldn’t love washing dishes with this adorable Scrubber Ducky Bath Brush there to help? This cute little guy isn’t just for getting clean in the bathtub. He can also help get your pots, pans, plates, bowls, and more sparkling clean thanks to his rubber bristles that are strong enough to scrape away stuck foods, but gentle enough not to scratch the surface of your expensive dishes.

Keyboard Keys Desk Organizer


Get your desk organized during spring cleaning with this fun and computer-themed Keyboard Keys Stationary Set. Designed to resemble a keyboard, you’ll have a place for your paperclips, hole punch, stapler, and key brush. Remove the clutter from your desk and keep everything neatly in one compact gadget with this great product.

Capri Blue Volcano Room Spray


Make your room smell like a spring spa with the Capri Blue Volcano Room Spray. Just a spritz of this spray and you’ll be swimming in the aromas of tropical fruits and sugared citrus. With a blend of exotic pure essential oils and fragrances, your home will smell delicious this spring.

Grillbot Grill Cleaner


Time to dust off the barbecue and get it ready for some spring cooking. The Grillbot is the handy gadget you’ll need for scrubbing away the nasty grime that has built up on that grill over the past months. With its smart computer technology to regulate speed and direction, this is the perfect assistant to have for spring cleaning.

Spin Clean Record Washerscimkii__95322-1428430599-600-600

Bring a little retro to your spring cleaning this year with the Spin Clean Record Washer System. This incredible device will get those old records sounding like new thanks to the brushes that scrub both sides and the built-in rollers that keep the records from being damaged or scratched during the process. Put a nice record on this spring and fill your home with some great tunes as you continue your cleaning.

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