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Beautiful Butterfly Décor for Your Home and Garden

Butterflies are such a beautiful part of nature. They’re dazzling wings in an array of spectacular colors. The delicacy in their flights as they flutter through the air. This spring, fill your home with some butterfly décor inspired by these precious insects. Whether for inside your house or outside in the garden, you can embrace a butterfly look this spring season.

LED Butterfly Night Light

Fear not in the dark anymore with the Fiber Optic Color Changing Butterfly Light. Watch as this little friend presents a light show of green, blue, pink, and purple. Allow this guy to perch, or plug, into an outlet, and let your room be showered in the beautiful hues of this great night light.

Butterfly Mobile

Are you ready for your room to be home to these butterflies? With the Butterfly Combination Mobile, you’ll have not one but five new friends ready to float and flutter from your ceiling. Just hang up this mobile and watch as they delicately move with the slightest breeze.

Chrysalis Wall Decor

Is that a butterfly sitting on your wall? Surprise both yourself and your guests with the lifelike quality and design of the Chrysalis Wall Décor. With their adhesive backing, you can get as creative as you like with how you arrange them. They are also 3D, giving them an even more realistic look.

Monarchy Wall Decor

Bring an artistic rendering of butterflies to your wall décor with this great set. The Monarchy Wall Décor comes with 24 3D butterflies in different sizes, giving you the opportunity to design and decorate as you see fit. Their white wings and chrome antennae make for a more modern and sleek look for your home’s interior.

Solar Butterfly Lantern LED Light

Now your backyard or garden can embrace the beauty of butterfly décor with the Solar Powered Butterfly Lantern LED Light. During the day, as this lamp charges, it can be a pretty accessory for your yard or patio tables. By night, this beauty illuminates to reveal a dazzling display of butterflies as the light filters through the cut-outs.

Solar Butterfly Garden Stakes  

Solar Powered Butterfly Color Changing Garden Stake | 2shopper

Now the butterflies can enjoy the evening hours with the Solar Butterfly Garden Stakes. When night falls, these lights will automatically turn on, revealing a show of green, red, and blue as they dance across your flowers, plants, and bushes. Your garden can use these amazing lights for added decoration and fun.

Butterfly String Lights

Every yard can use a little more butterflies. Now you can have 10 multicolored ones with the Fiber Optic Butterfly Light String. Just plug in and watch as these insects come alive. You can drape the strand across porch railings, around banisters, or weave them through fence posts. Either way, your home’s exterior will look lovely covered in butterflies.

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