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Fun And Educational Toys To Get Kids Into Science

Does your child love everything science? Do they enjoy the art of Chemistry, the intricacy of Biology, or the unknowns of Astronomy? Perhaps they want to add even more science to their lives and don’t know where to start. We’ve got them covered. Help your kids learn, experience, and expand their ever-growing knowledge of science with these fun gifts that will spark the interest of those little scientists-in-training

Dangerous Book for Boys Classic Chemistry

Get those scientists ready because we’ve got the gift set for all those who love chemistry. The Dangerous Book for Boys Classic Chemistry set comes with 30 hands-on experiments that will teach your children about elements, the periodic table, compounds, solutions and more! Enjoy paging through the full-color manual that will walk you through all the different experiments.

Elements of Science

When biology, chemistry, and physics come together, you get the great set of Elements of Science. Kids will love the 100 experiments that teach them all about heat, sound, electricity, and light. Let them explore the topics of optics, plants, colors, and the human body. Or, they can get interested in the earth, sun and chemical reactions. They’ll learn about all that and more with this amazing and educational kit.

Solar Car Science Kit

Let your children start learning at a young age about the wonders of solar power with the Solar Car Science Kit. They’ll be able to practice those building and mechanical skills with the 5 models that each run on the sun’s energy.

Plasma Ball

Plasma Ball 6

Teach them about static electricity now with this cool and exciting Plasma Ball. It will dazzle their young minds as they watch the plasma filaments sparkle inside the sphere and when they touch the edges, the rays will attract to their fingers.

Chem C3000 

Grab those lab coats and goggles because there’s about to be some fun in the science lab today! The Chem C3000 has everything you and your child will need to get those chemistry experiments ready to go. Enjoy learning about metals, elements, and the chemical and physical properties of water Take some foods from the kitchen and learn about the sugars and fats they contain. With 333 experiments included, your child will get a great crash course on everything chemistry!

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