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Go Under the Sea with These Nautical Gifts

Have you always been fascinated by the ocean? Has the call of the sea made you want to explore its depths and discover the many mysteries it still holds? Bring your love of the water into your home now with some décor that will have you navigating the ocean with these nautical-inspired gifts.

Octopus Mug

Forget the mythical giant squid when you can have the legendary octopus wash up on the shores of your kitchen table tomorrow morning when coffee needs to be served. The Octopus Mug features this famed sea dweller in his recognizable pink color and you can’t miss those large tentacles that serve as a base and handle.

Friendly Bite Sea Life Bottle Opener

Release the drinks! Ok, so this may not be the Kraken, but with the help of the Friendly Bite Sea Life Bottle Opener, you’ll be cracking into those bottles and setting sail on the seas of hydration. Choose from either the squid, lobster, whale, or crab and get those caps off those bottles in no time.


Mobile Deco Berceau

Add that maritime inspiration to your living space now with the Mobile Deco Berceau. The ocean just isn’t the ocean without the many plants that exist there. Choose from blue, black, olive, or white, and enjoy the look of aquatic foliage and a touch of seaweed in your home.

Narwhal Tea Infuser

Spiked Narwhal Tea Infuser
Why not brew some tea with the unicorn of the sea? The Spiked Tea Infuser shaped like an adorable narwhal hangs out in your cup and has a handy horn for dunking and stirring.

Submarine Bath Light

Submarine Bath light

What better way to explore the ocean than with a submarine? The Submarine Bath Light is a great accessory for bath time and will brighten your tub with its white glow. Watch as it floats on the surface of the water as if getting prepared for its next journey into the deepest parts of the ocean.

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