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What a Bright Idea! Solar Powered Gadgets and Gifts

Have you been interested in solar powered products but just haven’t taken that step in adding them to you home. Solar power is a great, environmentally friendly way to save both money and energy. Simply allow your products to charge out in the sun during the day, and once evening falls, they automatically turn on using the power from the sun’s energy. Embrace solar power this year with a little help from these five gifts.

Glow Brick

Is that brick glowing? Yes, because it is the Glow Brick and it is using the energy it absorbed from the sun to power its inner illumination. The Glow Brick is a cool and unique way to introduce solar power into your home. The inside is a light bulb that will emit a green or blue glow.

Starburst Garden Stakes

It is not a shooting star that has suddenly landed in your yard, but rather the spectacular Starburst Solar Powered Garden Stake Light. During the day, decorate your garden with these beautiful translucent stars that will dazzle any who see them. Then, at night, treat your garden to the exquisite sights of these stars shining and twinkling brightly as they bathe your plants and flowers in the light of their incredible glow.

Mova Globe

How is that globe rotating on its own you may ask? Well, with the power of the sun of course! The Mova Globe is both a reminder of the past when globes were a popular tool for learning about geography and is a great representation of the modern advancements in harnessing solar power energy. Travel the world in the comforts of your living room, den, or office with this stunning spinning globe.

Pink Flamingo Garden Light

Flamingos have invaded your yard and you’ll love having them there.  Welcome the Pink Flamingo Garden Stake Solar Light and allow them to perch themselves right there in your yard. These darling birds will stand tall over all your flowers and gather energy during the day so that at night, they can come alive and shine across your garden for all to see.

Heart Rainbow Maker

Experience the beauty of solar power energy with the Heart Rainbow Maker. This delicate little device will capture the sun’s rays and convert them into a dazzling light show that will shower your room in a prism of dancing colors from the pendant made of Swarovski crystal.

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