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The Best Lunch and Bento Boxes

Guitar Case Lunch Box |

With school back in session, you have probably already bought all the necessary supplies, books, and materials your child will need to start the year off right. But the one item you don’t want to forget is LUNCH! Your child will need the perfect lunch box to take with them each day, filled with all the yummy and healthy goodies you packed with love and care. Make them the coolest in the cafeteria with these five bento and lunch boxes that will get them even more excited for that bell to ring for lunchtime.

Guitar Case Lunch Box

Guitar Case Lunch Box |

If your child secretly wants to be a rockstar, then they’ll absolute love the Guitar Case Lunch Box. Pack their acoustic, electric, or bass among the sandwiches, fruit, and juice and let them rock out at lunch in true style. They can even customize their case with the included stickers for a more personalized look.

PackIT Personal Cooler

PackIt Personal Cooler / Lunch Bag

For a more traditional way your kids can carry their lunch, give the PackIT Personal Cooler a try. This handy lunch bag will keep foods cold for up to 10 hours, so your child won’t have to worry about their sandwiches spoiling throughout the day. This freezable lunch tote also can be folded up for even more convenience when empty, giving your kid extra space in that heavy backpack for more homework.

Sushi Shaped Bento Box

Sushi Shaped Bento Box | Best Bento Lunch Boxes

Give your child a little taste of Japan with this traditional Sushi Shaped Bento Box. Even if sushi isn’t on the menu for them, they can still experience the wonderful designs of a true bento box to store their lunch in. With its multiple compartments and included cutlery, your child will have everything they need for a truly awesome lunch tomorrow.

Smart Planet Collapsible Lunch Box

Smart Planet Small Collapsible Lunch Box Bento | Best Bento Lunch Boxes

As a parent, you have the job of organizing that kitchen so that all the essentials will fit nice and neat. The Smart Planet Collapsible Lunch Box is perfect for parents and children. It is colorful enough for the kids to enjoy carrying their lunch in and when not in use, parents can easily collapse it down and conveniently store it in the cabinets or shelves until tomorrow’s lunch is ready to be made. Comes with the lunch bag, spork/knife tool and snap lid so nothing will spill or leak.

Skater Lunch Box No.1 M


Skater Star Wars Lunch Bento Box | Best Bento Lunch Boxes

For a simple yet durable way for your kids to take their lunch to school in style, consider the Skater Lunch Box No.1 M. This bento box is airtight to preserve freshness and has two compartments for storing and separating all those delicious treats. It comes in various colors to choose from and even designs from some your favorite franchises, so you or your child can pick their favorite and be all set for lunchtime.

Skater Lunch Bento Box Totoro


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