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Lucky You! It’s A St. Patrick’s Day Party

Are you ready for some fun and excitement this year on St. Patrick’s Day? The color of the day is green of course, so get all your green clothes, hats, foods, and drinks ready. You’ll be seeing a lot of the shamrocks, leprechauns, and rainbows with pots of gold. Looking to throw a party and want to make it fit for the holiday? We’ve got you covered with the best items, recipes, and decorations you’ll need to make this an event you won’t forget.


Shot Glass Mold


Get creative, and cold, as you prepare for your St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza. The Silicone Ice Shot Glass Mold lets you freeze water in the shape of shot glasses that you and your guests can enjoy sipping from. Fill them up, place them in the freezer, and then pour those drinks and toast to a night of fun. Get in the St Patrick’s Day spirit with these edible candy shot glasses. These St. Paddy’s candy shot glass recipes are perfect for serving your favorite drinks or desserts.

Create marbled candy shot glasses, fill with Irish milkshake and top them with whipped cream for a delicious concoction with this St Paddy’s Shakin Shots recipe courtesy of Wilton.

Revolving Alcohol Caddy


Prepare for not one, not two, not even three, but SIX bottles of your favorite alcohols on a rotating display that everyone will enjoy. Spin this Revolving Alcohol Caddy around and you can pour with ease thanks to the dispenser. Up those bartending skills now with this great gift perfect for the evening festivities.


Irish Coffee

You can’t have a party without some drinks, and St. Patrick’s Day is known for its share of drinking. Enjoy this delicious and easy to make 5 ingredient Irish Coffee  recipe courtesy of Starbucks.


Irish Egg Rolls

For appetizers, consider these Irish Egg Rolls. Your guests can easily eat them as they walk around and still get those great flavors and tastes of St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish Cheddar and Stout Fondue

Image result for Irish Stout Fondue

Irish Cheddar and Stout Fondue recipe courtesy of Epicurious

Get the fondue set ready because you and your guests will be dipping those breads, cheeses, chocolates, and more in this Irish Cheddar and Stout Fondue. Yum!

St. Patrick’s Chocolate & Mint Cheesecake Bars

Layered Chocolate and Mint Cheesecake Bars recipe courtesy of McCormick

How about a little sweets to complete the evening. Enjoy the delicious decadence of these St. Patrick’s Layered Chocolate & Mint Cheesecake Bars to complete your night.


DIY Glitter Shamrock Centerpiece

DIY Glitter Shamrock Centerpiece for 2015 St. Patrick's Day - St. Patrick's Day Decor, Table Decor, Clover Centerpiece

Set the table and make it green and sparkly with this great DIY Glitter Shamrock Centerpiece that will be perfect for the evening.

Photo Booth Face Masks

Ready for some party accessories? In case you and your guests taking plain old selfies to remember the occasion isn’t enough, they can get creative with the Photo Booth. This set has everything you’ll need to dress up the evening with hats, glasses, ties, mustaches, and more. Pick a prop and let the fun begin.

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Place Card

Learn how to turn a basic flower pot into a leprechaun’s hat with your guests’ names with this simple and creative tutorial for a DIY St. Patrick’s Day Place Card.

One comment on “Lucky You! It’s A St. Patrick’s Day Party

  1. abbeycoseattle
    March 15, 2017

    I have those ice shot glass molds and they are so much fun! Its nice because you don’y have dishes to do afterwards either 🙂 I love the idea for those Irish egg rolls too… going to have to try on Friday!


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