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Fun Gifts For The Winter Season

Spiked Tea Infuser | 2shopper

Don’t you just love the winter season? Building snowmen and sledding in the snow. Drinking a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Dressing in the beautiful sweaters, coats, boots, and gloves fit for the season. Winter is one of those times a year when the streets just glimmer in the snow and make you feel like it is always the holidays, far after December has ended. Keep that winter spirit going with these six items that will really help you enjoy your favorite season of the year.

Mitten Flask

Mitten Flask |

For the adults out there who want something a bit stronger than traditional hot cocoa when the weather gets chilly, you can experience those snowy days with the Mitten Flask. The secret is in the left glove where a 3-ounce flask is hidden. Keep warm this winter with these comfy gloves that will provide you with more than just protection from the cold.

Spiked Tea Infuser

Spiked Tea Infuser | 2shopper

Get some comfort out of those long winters with a nice cup of steaming hot tea. The Spiked Tea Infuser is an adorable Narwhal who is just waiting for you to dip him in the warm water and allow him to infuse those favorite blends of teas. Perhaps the cold season doesn’t have to feel so chilly now that you have this little guy there to help with all your tea-drinking needs.

Ramen Spoon Fork

For the college students who are trying to find a way to make it through the colds of winter, they are all too familiar with the power of a nice cup of Ramen Noodles. Now you can enjoy Ramen all winter long with the Ramen Spoon Fork. Just heat up a cup of your favorite flavor of these tasty noodles and dig in with this stainless steel spork that makes stirring, eating, and sipping easy.

Aroma Therapy Diffuser

Carepeutic Aroma Therapy Diffuser

Get through the cold of winter with some nice aromatherapy. The Aroma Therapy Diffuser takes the power of ultrasonic waves in the aroma diffuser to instantly vaporize water and essential oils. The fragrant mist will waft over your room, filling it with a sense of calm. Combined with the 7 different color changing LED lights, you’ll have an inner spa for peace and tranquility as you ride out the winter chill.

Thermo Pot

Now you can carry your favorite soups, hot chocolate, teas, and more with you during those snowy afternoons thanks to the Thermo Pot. This stainless steel container will securely hold all your hot beverages and keep them piping hot for up to 5 hours. No more running to find the nearest coffee shop to get something warm to drink when the temperatures get low when you have this sleek and stylish way to take your hot beverages with you everywhere.

DryGuy GripOns

When the roads get slick and the sidewalks slippery from snow, sleet, or ice, you’ll be glad you have to the DryGuy GripOns there to protect you from falling. Simply wrap the guard around the bottom of your shoes and the grips will give you balance and security so you can safely walk without fear of slipping on the wet ground.

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