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Cool Desk Accessories & Office Gadgets


Is one of your new year’s resolutions to be more organized? Do you find that your desk is so messy at home or the office that you can barely locate a pencil, let alone get any productive work done? Start off 2017 right by turning your disorganized desk into an organized oasis with a little help from these products.

Cork Board Cactus

Cork Board Cactus |

The first step for alleviating a cluttered desk is the Cork Board Cactus. Not only is this organizer super adorable, but it is also very functional as a means of keeping those sticky notes, reminder cards, and to-do lists neatly in one place. And as an added bonus, the terracotta pot is hollow, so you can store smaller items such as paper clips, pushpins, and erasers.

Unicorn Paperclip Holders

Unicorn Paperclip Holder |

Keeping all of your paperclips together doesn’t have to be in fantasy land like Unicorns, but you can rely on this Unicorn Paperclip Holder to do just the job. This magnetically mythical creature will keep all those pesky paperclips stuck to its head so you’ll never be without one again.


Magneticats Fridge Magnets | 2Shopper

If you have a filing cabinet near your desk or some other metal surface that you like to hang notes from, then the Magneticats Fridge Magnets are just for you. These four felines can be used for more than just the kitchen grocery list. Get those piles of papers off of your desk and up on a surface that these cuties can attach to and they’ll loyally watch over your more important memos and keep them from falling back into that abyss you call a desk.

Brocade Letter Holder 

From postcards to letters and envelopes to bills, you can now stylishly organize these and more with the Brocade Letter Holder. Perfect for the home workspace or at the office, your desk will look elegant and sophisticated now with this accessory organizing all those papers. Sort and find items with ease now with this desk organizer.

Cubes Perpetual Calendar 

Keep yourself focused and on track to meet those important deadlines by having a calendar you can count on. The Cubes Perpetual Calendar is a colorful and fun reminder of what month, day, and date it is and will sit nicely on your desk each day so you’ll always be organized and ready to turn in that big assignment before it is due.

Sputnik Memo Holder

For something a bit more out of this world, how about blasting off into space and organizing your workspace with the Sputnik Memo Holder. Simply attach those cards, memos, reminder notes, and more to the spokes and before you know it, your desk will be entering a whole new atmosphere of organization.

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