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5 Simple Products To Improve Your Health in 2017

New year means new opportunities to make a better and healthier you! Being healthier is definitely one of the top resolutions people make every year. If you’re getting a late start, or need some help keeping your resolutions, here are some products that will help bring you a bit closer to fulfilling that goal in 2017.

Eau Good Filter Water Bottle

The first step to achieving even better health is drinking more water. Water is a great way to keep your body hydrated and feeling refreshed all day long, but you certainly don’t want to be drinking water that is filled with nasty things that will only do you harm. The EAU Good Filter Water Bottle is a plastic-free drinking vessel that will deliver clean, quality water with each drop thanks to the built in Binchotan filter that will purify your H20. Now that’s healthy drinking!

Travel Pocket Toothbrush

Don’t forget about your oral hygiene along your quest for a healthier you this year. The Travel Pocket Toothbrush is lightweight and super portable for the ultimate in brushing on-the-go. Whether you are out for the evening and just want to get in an extra brushing after that big dinner, or you are traveling and need a convenient way to keep your pearly whites nice and clean, this is the perfect toothbrush for the job.

Eco Deluxe Salad Bowl

Eco Deluxe Salad Bowl

The new year brings a new chance to evaluate the foods you eat and start making healthier choices when it comes to what you choose to dine on. Salads are a great meal to fill you up while still maintaining healthy eating habits. With the Deluxe Salad Bowl, you’ll have a collapsible travel container for all those yummy greens that you can easily take with you to work, school, or on the road.



Spa Room Aromatherapy Diffuser

Bring a little calm and relaxation into your life and relieve the stresses of the day. You will feel much better and healthier with the help of the Spa Room Aromatherapy Diffuser. The name says it all: it is like a spa for your home. Complete with a diffusing mister that releases humidification and a fragrant aromatherapy feature, you can sit back and feel at ease with this device on. Aromatherapy can be a great, natural, harmonious health treatment in a variety of situations. To find out which scents may help you, check out this useful beginner’s guide on essential oils and aromatherapy.

Full-Body Massage Mat

Carepeutic Targeted Zone Deluxe Vibration Massage Mat with Heat

As you sit in your at-home spa, give yourself a full-body massage with the Carepeutic Targeted Zone Deluxe Vibration Massage Mat with Heat. This massager has ten motors in it that will help relieve tension and muscle soreness all over the body. You’ll have so many options for how you can use this device to alleviate pain thanks to the customizable massage zones, pre-programmed massage modes, and three massage intensities. You’ll be banishing those built-up stresses from 2016 and turning 2017 into a much more relaxing year.

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