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Say I Love You With These Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $10


Do you know what you are going to get your Valentine this year? Perhaps you are a little low on cash and are looking for something with a bit more of an affordable price tag. Don’t get discouraged by the more pricey presents out there when you can give them something that is just as thoughtful for less. Here are 10 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day for under $10, so you can still show that special someone you care without breaking the bank.

I Love You Cookie Stampers

i love you cookie stampers

Instead of buying the more expensive chocolates or other Valentine’s Day desserts, why not just bake some of your own? Give those cookies that final stamp of love with Cookie Stampers. Use the “I Love You” stamp on each delicious treat for a special token of your affection to that special someone.

Cookie Stampers

Heart Shaped Spoon


Perhaps your special someone is a chef or just loves cooking. For under $10, you can give them the Heart Shaped Spoon that has the phrase “Made With Love” engraved in the handle of this bamboo cooking accessory.

Big Brew Infuser

Big Brew Infuser | 2Shopper

Who wouldn’t love getting the Big Brew Infuser for Valentine’s Day? Not only is this an adorable little elephant that’ll hold all those favorite teas, but it also is pink, making it a perfect present for the holiday.

Love Heart Stamps

When you find that great card, why bother with just a boring old signature when you can get even more creative this year. The Love Heart Stamps are a fun way to add a little customization. Three different messages to choose from: “Love You” “Smile” “Call Me”

Sweet Pea Heart “Love” Hand Cream 

A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, say goodbye to dry hands thanks to the Sweet Pea Love Hand Cream. This moisturizer comes in a heart shaped box with the words LOVE printed on the lid. Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Chemical Attraction Vase

Perhaps you want to give that special someone just a single rose to cherish on Valentine’s Day, but where will they keep this treasured token of your affections? The Chemical Attraction Vase can hold those precious petals in its test tube-shaped vase that can suction to a mirror, glass, or refrigerator for displaying.


Start off Valentine’s Day with a nice plate of eggs shaped like hearts thanks to the Eggspress. This kitchen tool allows you to mold boiled eggs into the shapes of hearts, so you and your loved one can fall in love with breakfast each morning.

Zoola Bunny Ring Holder

What a sweet and precious way for her to keep all her rings safely in place. The Bunny Ring Holder will gladly watch over all her favorite rings with its large ears to hang them from.

Say It With A Rose

Flowers are a staple of Valentine’s Day, but the Say It With A Rose takes that extra step to making them even more special. With just a touch of a button, these flowers will bloom, revealing a beautiful message inside their petals that your Valentine will truly fall in love with.

Love Lip Balm

What girl doesn’t like makeup? Guys out there can rest easy this Valentine’s Day when on a budget with the Lip Balm. For just under $10, you can give your sweetie a nourishing lip moisturizer that comes in Wild Cherry flavor.

Lovers Vouchers

Now you can give your lover a book of IOUs that they can use all year round with the Lovers Vouchers. This creative set of coupons will be sure to bring some laughs and fun well after Valentine’s Day has ended.

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