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7 Useful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him


Are you shopping for that perfect gift for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Not sure what to buy that special guy? We’ve taken the difficulty out of deciding and made you a list of the best presents for his wish-list. Make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one with these gift ideas that’ll really make a statement come February 14th.

Luchador Bottle Opener Barrel Hold 

For the guy who loves wrestling and beer, he’ll fall in love with the Luchador Bottle Opener this Valentine’s Day. This Mexican wrestler is ready to take down those challenging bottle caps with just a grip of his iconic barrel hold. Watch as those bottles just pop right open to reveal the tasty contents inside.

Star Wars Metal Earth Darth Vader Tie Fighter

Give your guy something that’ll make the fan and nerd and geek in him super happy this year with the Star Wars Metal Earth Darth Vader Tie Fighter. He’ll spend hours joyously piecing together this prized model ship just like the one in the movies.

Flask Tie

Every guy needs a tie, so what better gift this Valentine’s Day than the Flask Tie? This stylish accessory will complement any man’s wardrobe, but also comes with a secret hidden surprise. There is a flask tucked away beneath its dapper exterior that will allow Mr. Right to steal some sneaky sips of his favorite alcoholic beverage anytime, anywhere.

Hidden Pedometer Dress Watch

Give him something that is not only elegant but also healthy for him. The Carepeutic Hidden Pedometer Men’s Dress Watch does exactly as the name suggests. It is a stylish timepiece that will discretely keep track of any steps, distance, time walked and calories burned. So for the guy who doesn’t want others to know that he is marking his steps, this is the perfect watch for him.

Epulse Car Seat Massager Back Mini Cushion

If your guy loves his car, and most guys typically do, then he probably spends a lot of time driving it. The Epulse Car Seat Massager Back Mini Cushion will bring relaxation to a whole new level in his vehicle thanks to this lightweight, leather cushion that uses air pressure technology for a more comfortable experience behind the wheel.

FISTICUP Knuckleduster Mug

For those of you who have a guy who thinks he is a tough guy, let him show everyone who is boss with the FISTICUP Knuckleduster Mug. This porcelain drinking cup has titanium knuckles as a handle and will be a great way to enjoy his coffee in the morning, at home, or the office.

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