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10 Items To Give Your Home A Rustic Look

Edison Bulb ST64 13FL 40W | 2shopper

Perhaps you are the type of person who enjoys the great outdoors, the look of natural wood, and decorations that remind you of a more pastoral way of life. In modern times where people love the smooth look of stainless steel appliances and the sleek features of chrome-finishes, it is nice to change things up a bit and bring in a little rustic style and charm amongst all the contemporary designs. Here are ten products that will really make your home, kitchen, and bar shine with its own style of rustic elegance.

Walnut Bottle Opener

Talk about an old-fashioned way to open bottles. The Walnut Bottle Opener looks like you just took a piece of wood and crafted it into a tool for popping caps. With a magnet to hold the bottle cap in place, you’ll be sipping on your favorite brew in no time.

Edison Bulb

Edison Bulb ST64 13FL 40W | 2shopper

The rustic styles of the 1900s will just light up your room, literally, thanks to the Edison Bulb LED 40W. This charming light bulb is meant to be seen and not hidden beneath a lampshade, so you can enjoy its squirrel-caged design and antique look for hours on end.

Folklore Espresso Set

Enjoy the rural design of the Folklore Espresso Set and be transported to the great wilderness where the bears roam free. This delightful set comes with two cups, one with a raindrop pattern and the other with a snow flurry design, and two saucers each with a bear standing idly at the center.

Folklore Mugs

Enter into the natural world of wildlife and mystery with each sip from these Folklore Mugs. Designed in a day mug and a night mug, spend a few moments or even hours pondering the many artistic renderings of your favorite outdoor creatures with these charming pieces of drinkware.

Sticks Wall Hook

You’ll love the look and design of the Sticks Wall Hook. A perfect way to complement your wood floors or wood-paneled walls, your foyer can feel like a countryside wood cabin each time you hang up your jackets, coats, and purses. With its espresso brown finish and hooks that can flip up when not in use, this stylish wall rack is a wonderful accessory for your home.

Wood Deck of Cards

Can you get any more rustic than the Old West? The Wood Deck of Cards will call all the cowboys and cowgirls to the table for a rousing game of Poker or Texas Hold ‘Em thanks to the graphics that appear to be burned in to the wooden fence background.

Woodland Salad Set

When salad is served, you can charm your guests and yourself with the Woodland Salad Set. Designed with a natural beech wood and laser etchings of an adorable squirrel and hedgehog, you’ll be able to dish out all that yummy salad in no time.

Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer

Do you have incredible steak you just bought and are looking to cook  or barbecue it? Get that meat nice and tender with some help from the Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer. Designed to resemble traditional brass knuckles, this kitchen accessory has been given a makeover of solid brushed aluminum alloy and grooves so you can easily hold it to tenderize that meat.

Mason Tap

The Mason Tap |

Bring back the days when kitchen cupboards and shelves were covered in mason jars filled with fresh preserves and other delicious goodies. With the Mason Tap, you can fill up those mason jars, shake, and pour with ease thanks to its pour spout.

Glass Mixing Pitcher and Strainer

Just imagine you get home from a long day at work, sit back in your favorite chair, and admire your rustic-style den. You’ve got all the decorations in place and the room has that rural and natural charm you were looking for. Now, you reach for a perfectly-mixed cocktail from the Glass Mixing Pitcher and Strainer. With the Yarai Mixing Pitcher and Hawthorne Strainer, you’ll have enough room to create two cocktails at once.

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