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Fun Gifts and Gadgets for Chefs

Cuisine R-Evolution Kit |

Are you hungry for some gifts that chefs will love? Instead of buying them the basic cooking accessories like pots and pans or silverware, think outside the box with the tools and items that chefs will really need in their kitchen. Get your fill on these deliciously perfect gift ideas that will serve chefs well this holiday season.

Kaboom Kitchen Timer



The clock is ticking as your meal is cooking and you won’t want to be late pulling that dish out of the oven. The Kaboom Kitchen Timer will always keep you prompt when it comes to perfecting the art of preparation and cooking. Shaped and painted to look like a bomb, this timer won’t explode once the clock runs out, but it will have you running to the kitchen before your food burns or overcooks.

Melon Mate Melon Prep Tool

When it comes to melons, you’ll need the perfect tools for cutting and serving that tasty fruit. If you don’t want to use a melon baller, try something new this year with the Melon Mate Melon Prep Tool. This handy kitchen accessory will cut the inside of the fruit into cubes which can then be scraped out easily with the corer. Use it for more than just melons: cantaloupe, honeydew, or watermelon!

Avocado Huggers

What do you do when you only want to use half an avocado but don’t want to waste the other half by throwing it away? The Avocado Huggers will keep those cut avocados nice and fresh for longer, saving you money and the need to buy more when the unused halves turn brown.

The Splash Collection by Mustard

Make a statement in your kitchen with these great line of products from Mustard. They have created an entire collection of kitchen accessories to not only make cooking easier, but to make it fun and humorous. Choose from their items that each were designed to look like something has spilled, splashed, or boiled over and you’ll have a more enjoyable cooking experience.

Let the steam and heat out of those pots as they cook with the Splash Lid Holders that will make you think your food is boiling over the sides of the pan.

Someone has made quite the mess with this Splash Chopping Board that looks like something is just dripping all across your counters.

Splash Ladle |

Stir and serve with the Splash Ladle that appears as if your food or sauces are about to splatter all over you.

 Cuisine R-Evolution Kit

Cuisine R-Evolution Kit |

Bring some science into the kitchen with the Cuisine R-Evolution Kit. You’ll amaze all your guests with this kit that teaches you everything you need to know about molecular gastronomy and creating the most unique dishes you’ve ever seen!

Heart Whisk

Put your heart and sole into your cooking now with the perfect kitchen accessory to do the job. The Heart Whisk will make you really show your love and devotion for the art of cooking each time you blend up that great dish using this handy tool.

MIX STIX Drumstick Spoons


Time to make some sweet culinary music with the MIX STIX Drumstick Spoons. For the musician turned chef, dust off those drumming skills with these spoons that will have you mixing both your dishes and some great music.


MoMA Stemmarkers Glass Markers

MoMA Stemarkers Wine Glass Markers

Now you can always know whose wine glass is whose with the Stemmarkers. These colorful rings attach to the stem of your glass and come in 10 bright shades so you won’t accidentally mistake your drink for someone else’s at the next party you attend.

Revolving Alcohol Caddy

 Revolving Alcohol Caddy - 6 Bottles

What can make that home bar even more exciting than an alcohol display that rotates? The Revolving Alcohol Caddy can hold up to six bottles and will spin for you for easier access and pouring.

Revolving Alcohol Caddy

Pours the perfect shot every time!

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