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Cute Stocking Stuffers for Tea Fanatics

Slow Brew - Sloth Tea Infuser |

Who doesn’t love a nice, warm cup of tea? You sit back after a long day at work and relax in your favorite chair and let the tasty aromas of your favorite blend wash over you as you take a nice sip. Tea can relax, calm, and soothe you with its many beneficial properties. With so many flavors to choose from and the cutest accessories just in time for Winter, add a bit of tea time to your Christmas time and you’ll have a great time with these cute stocking stuffers for the tea enthusiasts you know.

Big Brew Infuser 

Big Brew Infuser | 2Shopper

Introducing the Big Brew Infuser: he (or she) is pink, adorable, and ready to sit atop the sides of your mug and let all those great flavors of tea slowly sink in and infuse with the warm water. Let this cute big guy join you for your afternoon tea and you’ll have a new friend to enjoy tea time with.

Tea Otter Tea Infuser 

Tea Otter Tea Infuser | 2Shopper

Aren’t otters one of the cutest animals ever? They glide so gracefully through the water, always looking like they are waiting to play and have a great time. Now you can invite these adorable creatures to your tea drinking with the Tea Otter Tea Infuser. Simply allow this smiling friend to perch on the edge of your mug and watch as the delicious herbs and tea leaves infuse with the water.

Tea Man Tea Infuser 

Tea Man Tea Infuser | 2Shopper

The Tea Man Tea Infuser is one cool dude alright. Just look at those sunglasses and that posture. Allow this hot hunk to infuse all those delicious teas and with the water and you’ll get a wonderful cup of tea each time.

Spiked Tea Infuser 

Spiked Tea Infuser | 2shopper

Take your tea to the sea with a little help from this narwhal who is determined to see that you have a tasty cup of tea to drink. The Spiked Tea Infuser features this adorable sea creature with his eye-catching horn that’ll be a perfect way to dunk and stir your blends in no time.

Slow Brew- Sloth Tea Infuser 

Slow Brew - Sloth Tea Infuser |

Now this is one animal that would love to sit and lounge away with one cup of tea after another. Sloths are after all great at just chilling out and relaxing all day long, so why not add a cup of tea to the mix? The Slow Brew-Sloth Tea Infuser will sleepily attach to the rim of your mug and just…you guessed it…relax there while the tea slowly infuses with the water. Isn’t he just adorable?

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