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5 Unique Gifts for Him This Holiday Season

Sometimes you just never know what to buy a guy for the holidays. As you begin your search through the stores, online retailers, and catalogs of different gift options, get him something he has never considered or even seen before. If you are stumped on where to begin, here are five options to add to the guy’s gift wish list this year.

Volkswagen Type I Beetle Key Light


For the guy who loves his car, and especially if his car of choice is VW brand, then he’ll love the Volkswagen Key Light. This fun keychain features the classic VW Beetle in either red, white, or blue, and when you light it up, the VW symbol is projected. Accessorize that keyring with a keychain fit for the VW fan.

Pirate Bottle Opener

For the guy who loves his alcohols and always wanted to be a pirate, you can make him laugh with the Pirate Bottle Opener. With his corkscrew, easy-open lever, foil cutter and beer bottle opener, you’ll be sailing the high seas with that favorite drink of choice in no time.

FISTICUP Knuckleduster Mug

For the guys out there who want to drink their mugs while still looking tough, the FISTICUP Knuckleduster Mug should do just the trick. This porcelain and titanium drinking cup features a set of brass knuckles as the handle so any coffee, tea, or beverage you drink from it will know whose boss!

Bullet Beer Glass

For the guy who loves his alcohol in a glass that will truly get some attention, the Bullet Beer Glass is your gift of choice this holiday season. With its bullet shaped design, double-wall feature to prevent condensation and keep drinks nice and cold, you can’t go wrong with this glass to enjoy all those favorite alcohols in.

Samurai Umbrella

For the guy who always wanted to be a ninja warrior, the Samurai Umbrella will let him play out those childhood dreams each time it rains. This umbrella comes in a sleeve with adjustable strap that will hang from your back for easy carrying. The handle resembles a real Samurai Sword, so you’ll look like you are ready to do some serious ninja training before the next great storm begins.

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