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The Perfect Gift For Every Teacher

With school back in session, teachers are starting new classes, developing lesson plans, and organizing homework assignments for a better learning experience for their students. Teachers work so hard and sometimes do not get the recognition they deserve for all their efforts. In honor of our educators, consider getting them a gift that will serve as a friendly reminder of just how much you respect and appreciate all the time and energy they put in each day to help students learn.

Geography and History Teachers

Illuminated Livingston Globe

replogle globe

Nothing says educational quite like a good old-fashioned globe. The Illuminated Livingston Globe will make all your geography and history teachers very happy. They can trace the continents and travel the oceans with this 12-inch tall globe that sits atop a rich walnut base that will look absolutely incredible on their desk in the classroom.

Elementary School Teachers

Festive Storage Flag Banners



When it comes to teaching grade-school students, it is important to make sure the classroom is both fun and organized. Elementary school teachers would really appreciate the Festive Storage Flag Banners to hang on the walls. These six colored-flags have Velcro backs and storage compartments for keeping anything from pencils, art supplies, calculators, and other special treats nice and neat.

Math Teachers

Equation Watch

This will be the coolest and nerdiest gift around for all those teachers who have a love of the mathematics. The Equation Watch features a different equation that equals each number on a traditional clock. Both a functional timepiece and a way to test your ability to calculate equations, enjoy this unique and educational watch.

Numbers Mug Set


Start counting from one to six and you’ll have the Numbers Mug Set. These ceramic mugs will make that math teacher of yours very happy with their numeric values and six great colors. This set will be the perfect way to show a math teacher you care.

Literary Teachers

Large Conceal Shelf

What teacher of the literary arts won’t appreciate a bookshelf? There is never enough room for all the great novels they collect, so give them the gift of the Large Conceal Shelf that not only holds a whopping 20lbs of books but also appears as if it is floating in midair. Try an even cooler way to hold your books with this contemporary bookcase.

Tree of Life Bookmark

For all those books your English teachers are reading, they can never have enough bookmarks and with the Tree of Life Bookmark, they’ll have a beautiful and artistically styled placeholder for all those novels they just can’t wait to finish. Styled after the Darwin D. Martin House window design, this architectural inspired bookmark is truly a work of art.


Revolver Cylinder Pen Holder

For all of your shop teachers out there, give them a pen holder they can really appreciate with the Revolver Cylinder Pen Holder. If you were working with metal today in class, you’ll need a pen to create all those plans for your next workshop project. You’ll never lose a writing utensil again thanks to this revolver-shaped organizer for all those pens that just can’t seem to stay in one place.

Old School Desk Notepad

Give your shop teacher a taste of the days when kids actually sat in their classes in desks like this with the Old School Desk Notepad. Hey, they may have even made these kinds of desks at one time in shop class as a class project. Who knows, but it is the thought that counts and your teacher can have the perfect notepad for leaving grades, comments, and extra homework on each student’s desk tomorrow.


Plasma Ball

Plasma Ball 6" | 2Shopper

Your science teacher will love the look and educational power of the Plasma Ball. Experience the science of static electricity with this glass orb filled with plasma filaments that will flash and dance different colors. Watch as these electric rays of light attract to your fingers as you trace them along the sides of the glass.

Genius Paperclip Holder

Who else could you possibly get for your science teacher than the genius himself, Albert Einstein? Your teacher will absolutely love this Genius Paperclip Holder sculpture that was designed after the famed physicist and can hold all their paperclips firmly in place with his magnetized skull.

PH Tester

Finally, for the science teacher who just has to know the PH levels of their fish tanks or swimming pools, give them the gift of the PH Tester. This portable and easy to use device has a meter that ranges between 0.00 to 14.00 pH, with a 0.01 pH resolution and ±0.05 pH accuracy.

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