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Give Them A Hoot With These Cute Owl Gifts

owlet timers

Owlet Kitchen Timers, $7.95

How can you not love owls? Watch as these majestic creatures take flight into the night, their enormous wingspans framed against the evening’s sky as they search for their prey. And how can you not find baby owls just the cutest things ever? For anyone out there who just can’t get enough of these nocturnal birds, here are five products that owl fans will love to add to their collection.

Owl Lamp

Who better to keep careful watch over your home at night when all the lights go out than the Owl Lamp? This illuminated feathered friend is made from porcelain and will be a great edition to stay perched on your table, desk, or dresser and will give your room the right amount of light it needs.

Spiky Owl Sculpture

Your owl obsession just turned artistic with the Spiky Owl Sculpture. This adorable feathered friend is truly a work of art. With feathers hand-painted by Bali artists in a rich display of colors, this unique piece of owl artistry will make a wonderful decoration for either your home’s interior or situated in your outdoor garden.

Shape and Bake Mini Cake Molds

Perhaps you are looking for a way to combine your love of owls with your love of baking. The Shape and Bake Mini Cake Molds are the perfect solution. Shape your favorite baking treats just like these nocturnal creatures thanks to these silicone molds that will add a new level of adorable to your baking.

Spiky Owl Moon Wind Chime

owl wind chime

Add to the music of nature’s creatures when the sun goes down with the soft and calming sounds of the Spiky Owl Moon Wind Chime. This precious little guy sits underneath the moon sculpture of this creative wind chime that has sandblasted glass leaves that will make soothing music as they sway ever so slightly in the breeze.

Owl Cork Holder

owl cork holder

Are you a collector of corks? Do you need the perfect holder to care for and watch over your prized collection? The Owl Cork Holder can store up to 115 corks, so you can always admire the many great leftover reminders of those wine bottles you enjoyed so much.

Funny Side Up Owl Egg Corral


Make your mornings Owl-friendly now with the Funny Side Up Owl Egg Corral. Even though owls are typically evening critters, you can bring them to the breakfast table with this adorable mold that allows you to make your eggs hoot-fully delicious.

Owl Bath Mat

Owl Bath Mat

Who wouldn’t love to take a bath knowing this cute little owl is there to keep you safe from those slippery bathtub floors? The Owl Bath Mat is what any owl fan’s bathroom needs. This mat is made from natural rubber and is also mildew resistant.

Owl Bandages

Give your cuts and scrapes an owl-treatment with these adorable Owl Bandages. Any age will feel better once these little feathered friends are covering those unfortunate boo boos because these bandages are just too cute to not smile at.

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