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10 Trusty Gadgets For An Easy Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you ready for Thanksgiving this year? Are your recipes in order, all the ingredients listed and prepared for pickup from the store, and the kitchen products you need organized for the big dinner ahead? Don’t let Thanksgiving intimidate you. You should be enjoying yourself and the time you’ll be spending with your family and friends on this memorable occasion. Here are some items that will help you to make that Thanksgiving dinner this year a whole lot easier.


Whether you are looking to mince, store, or serve those herbs, the odds are you will be using a variety of herb flavors this Thanksgiving to really season those dishes. Use the Rolling Palm Herb Mincer to easily chop those herbs for the perfect blend of flavors in under a minute.chefn palm herb roller

Take those fresh herbs you stored in the freezer out and grate them over your meals thanks to the Herbsicle Frozen Herb Keeper.

herbsicle frozen herb keeper

And finally, keep the leftovers for another day by storing them in the handy Spicecube Herb Freezer Tray.

spicecube herb freezer tray

Hullster Tomato Corer

Don’t worry about coring those tomatoes as you prep for dinner because you’ll have the fast and easy-to-use Hullster Tomato Corer to do it for you. Simply insert this stainless steel claw into the tomato, give it a twist, pull, and the core will pop right out. It really is that simple.

Buttercup Butter Maker

Buttercup Homemade Butter Maker

For all those breads, rolls, and biscuits you’ll be preparing this Thanksgiving, you and your guests will want some butter to spread on them. Take the chance to make your own butter this year with the Buttercup Butter Maker. This handy gadget can be filled with the ingredients you need for that perfect butter recipe, give it shake, and watch as you have fresh, homemade butter in no time at all. Add your favorite herbs, seasonings and garlic for a fresh and healthy spread.

Woodland Measuring Spoons

woodland measuring spoons

As you prepare those delicious dishes, you’ll probably need something to measure out those ingredients for the perfect portions. The Woodland Measuring Spoons are at your service and ready for kitchen duty. With a tablespoon, teaspoon, half teaspoon, and a quarter teaspoon, you’ll have this complete set of measuring spoons that are decorated in a theme of woodland animals perfect for the season.

Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer


Are you going to tenderize that turkey this year? Perhaps you prefer a less traditional Thanksgiving protein like steak. Either way, those tougher meats won’t stand a chance once you break out the Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer. Designed to look like brass knuckles, you’ll be showing those meats whose boss this year in no time.

Handy Can Opener

Handy Can Opener | 2Shopper

Do you have canned cranberries, canned sweet potatoes, or even canned vegetables that will need opening? Well, who wants to stand there twisting those rusted can openers and tiring out their hands when they could be using the Handy Can Opener. This small little gadget is easy to use and just sits atop those lids and goes around the edges all by itself, leaving you smooth lids to pull off and more time for you to be cooking instead of opening cans.

Cherry Chomper

Are you going to make a cherry pie this year? The hardest part may be getting those pesky pits out of that tasty fruit. Fear not because the Cherry Chomper will remove those pits in no time. Just insert the cherry into the mouth of this happy fellow, press down, and let the plunger push the pit into the tube on the bottom. It is fast and easy, and you can get back to baking.

Adjustable Pie Crust Shield

adjustable pie crust shield

What Thanksgiving dinner is complete without some PIE! Whether it is apple, blueberry, pumpkin, or your Grandma’s recipe, you will need the perfect pie crust to go with that perfect pie. The Adjustable Pie Crust Shield is a superhero in disguise. Throw it in the oven while you bake to keep your crust a nice golden color and prevent it from overcooking or burning. The adjustable feature makes it easy to fit around almost any pie size!

If you have any favorite tips or kitchen gadgets you swear by to make Thanksgiving cooking a whole lot easier share it with us by leaving us a comment below.


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