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Fabulous Decoration Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Party


While you are out shopping this year for that Thanksgiving banquet you’ve been planning, add some decorations to that list that seems to just keep growing each day. You can’t have a true Thanksgiving party without some decorative and exciting accessories to really make that table pop. Turn that dinner into an extravaganza you and all your guests will certainly be thankful for this year with a little help from these festively fun products.

Ice Bottle Chiller

Ice Bottle Chiller

Keep your wines, ciders and champagnes chilled while also making the perfect centerpiece for that Thanksgiving table with a little help from the Ice Bottle Chiller. These sleek and stylish chillers simply get placed in the freezer, and once removed, you insert your bottles into them for a nice chilled wine anytime. Get creative and fill the ice molds with anything you like to really bring out that Thanksgiving spirit this year.

Ice Bottle Chiller

Natura Wall Decor

Don’t get the rake out to sweep up these leaves. The Natura Wall Décor will look incredible at your dinner decorating your walls with the look of the outdoors. With 24 wall appliques to decorate with, these leaves with espresso finish are the perfect Autumn touch your home’s indoors need at this time of year.

Santa Fe Colored Leaves Wind Chime

Make your home’s outdoors musical with the Santa Fe Colored Leaves Wind Chime. This decorative piece will look stunning hanging from your porch when guests arrive for dinner that night. With sandblasted glass leaves and the base made from driftwood and fallen branches, the beauty and musicality of Fall is ready to be displayed and heard outside your home.

Taet Tat Wine Bottle Garland

Spruce up those wine bottles with a little decorating thanks to the Taet Tat Wine Bottle Garland. Your vino bottles can now look as good as they taste with these colorful and artistically designed garlands that will have those drinks dressed up in no time.

MoMA Placemats

Perhaps you are going with a bit more of a contemporary or artistic styled Thanksgiving dinner this year. Think outside the box with the MoMA Placemats that bring modern art to your table. These silicone placemats come in both Doodle and Scratch design.

Moma Table Placemats

Say Cheese Cheeseboard


Is your Thanksgiving dinner going high-end and ultra-classy this year to the point that you have a cheese and wine platter? Serve those fancy cheeses on the Say Cheese Cheeseboard and get a laugh each time you see this funny board that is shaped like a big cheesy smile.

Woodland Salad Set

Amongst all that turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, hopefully there will be something healthy in there like salad. Let the Woodland Salad Set serve those greens and veggies to all your guests. These salad spoons come etched with a design of woodland creatures to really tie in the whole Fall theme to your dinner that evening.

Light My Bottle LED String LightLight My Bottle

Turn those old bottles into works of art now with the Light My Bottle LED String Lights. These decorative lights will brighten up any Thanksgiving table with that festive and glowing illumination your dinner needs. Simply insert the lights into an empty bottle, press the button, and watch as your bottles start to shine!

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