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5 Fun Door Stoppers Perfect For Fall

leaf door stopper

Now that we are in the thick of Fall, the temperatures are changing and that great cool weather is slowly creeping in. Open those doors at home and let that wonderful breeze in and feel that Autumn air wash over your home in refreshing waves. In order to keep those doors from closing, you’ll need the perfect door stopper to prop them open. But don’t just stop there. Perhaps you want to have that holiday dinner or family gathering and need to keep the dining room or kitchen door open so you can enjoy the party. Door stoppers can be used inside the home as well. Whether in or out, you’ll be glad you have your door stoppers there to keep those door wide open.

Ice Cream Door Stop

ice cream door stop
Be careful there, looks like someone spilled their ice cream all over the floor. Look again because this cone is actually silicone and is the Ice Cream Door Stop. The sweet treat that you cannot eat, admire its sugary glory as it keeps all those doors open. Maybe it will even inspire you to go out and have a real ice cream.

ice cream door stop


Key Doorstop


Why lock your door when you can keep it wide open now with the Key Doorstop? This non-slip rubber doorstopper looks just like a real key, except you won’t be inserting this into any keyholes. The only thing this key will lock in place is your door from swinging shut.

JME key door stop

Homeguard Soldier Door Stop

soldier door stop

soldier door stop

Salute this brave soldier who is doing his duty and keeping your doors firmly in place. The Homeguard Soldier Door Stop is ready to obey your orders and keep those doors open until you command them to shut again. This green army man will not rest until his mission is complete, so you can rest assured knowing your doors will remain open wide under his watchful eye.

soldier door stop

Wedge It Doorstop

Wedge-It Doorstop | 2Shopper

Place it on the top of your door, the middle, or the bottom. The versatility is what makes the Wedge-It Doorstop one of the best around. Its strength, durability, and reliability at keeping doors open will make this the one doorstopper you will want to turn to when looking to prop those doors wide open.

Loose Leaf Doorstop
loose leaf doorstop

In honor of Fall, decorate your home with the Loose Leaf Doorstop. This charming doorstopper will keep those doors open while also bringing that feeling of nature and the changing seasons into your home. Don’t rake these leaves up by mistake because you’ll be glad you have them there to prevent your doors from swinging shut.

loose leaf doorstop

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