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Incredibly Useful Gadgets For Your Keys Under $15

Who wouldn’t want the perfect gadget onto which to hang their keys? Cool AND functional is the only way to make a statement while keeping things close at hand…and, with any luck, not lost. These gadgets under e$15 are the perfect accessories for any keys.

Thabto Buckle Up Key Holder

When it comes to your keys, think “safety first,” with the clever Buckle Up Key Holder, $14.95. Equally appealing for the car fiend or the safety fanatic, this makes for a great gift and way to always know exactly where the keys are.

Bullet Bottle Opener Keychain


Imagine having a real (although free of gunpowder) bullet in your pocket and whipping it out when you are in need of your keys. The 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener Keychain, $9.99, is one of those things that every other guy will wish they had and you’ll be happy to show off any chance you get.DCi Travel Tools Keychain


Travel Tools, $7.95 are just the perfect thing for any guy passionate about his workbench.  A little flat head and Phillips head screwdriver jangling in the pocket will make any toolhead smile with pride.

Mini Keychain LED Flashlight


Size doesn’t always matter.  Well,  when it comes to this Mini Keychain LED Flashlight, $5.99, at any rate.  Tiny, mighty, and a great way to make sure you can see where the lock is.

KeyQ Key Organizer

Possibly one of the coolest key gadgets EVER, the KeyQ Key Organizer, $9.95, lets the bearer carry their keys in a format that practically looks like a Swiss Army Knife.  It’s so nifty, it will make even a Boy Scout envious. It also includes a bottle opener for easy access to your favorite beverages.



Here’s one time that “cute as a bug,” will work for even the burliest of guys with the Volkswagen Key Light, $10.95.  In a choice of red, white, or blue, not only does this scream nostalgia, it will also light the way to the appropriate key hole!

U-Lock Key ring


The U-Lock Keyring, $7.95, makes the perfect way to keep your keys in one place.  It gives off and a cool vibe and goes one better…it can be used as a bike lock, too. Great as a gift for someone.  Even better as a gift to yourself.

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