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Affordable Gadgets and Tools to Improve Your Home

Sometimes, you just need some practical products for your home. Besides all the decorating, rugs, furniture, paintings, and electronics, your home can benefit from some useful gadgets and tools to help both inside and out. Improve the efficiency of your home with these affordable devices that will be must-haves for anyone’s house.

TDS Tester

PÜRATest TDS Tester - White | 2Shopper

If you are looking to check the water quality in your home, then give the TDS Tester a try. Super portable and highly effective, this device will tell you in parts per million the level of dissolved solids in your water. Helpful for drinking water, water filtration and purification, and even aquariums, for anyone interested in cleaner water, this is the tool for you.

Attachable Motion Sensing LED Light

Attachable Motion-Sensing LED Light |

Make your home light up whenever you walk by thanks to the Attachable Motion Sensing LED Lighting. These eco-friendly light sources can be used indoors and outdoors and will only activate when you walk within ten feet of them and will automatically shut off after 30 seconds. Battery operated and no wires required, save money and electricity with these efficient little night lights.

Soil PH Tester

PÜRATest Soil PH Tester | 2Shopper

For the gardeners out there who need a quick and easy way to measure the levels of pH, light and moisture in their soil, the Soil PH Tester will be a useful tool to have outdoors. Help your plants and flowers stay in optimum conditions by knowing whether your soil is too acidic or alkaline, too wet or dry, or if it isn’t receiving an adequate amount of light. Keep your garden happy with this tester.

Edison Bulb LED 6W

Edison Bulb ST64 LED 6W | 2shopper

Combine the style of the 1900s with the modern age thanks to the Edison Bulb LED 6W. This vintage-inspired light bulb is the perfect addition to any home décor and will not only bring an antique look and feel to your living space, but its 6 Watt bulb will replace those higher watt bulbs and give you longer hours of usage so you’ll save energy and money.

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