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A Modern Twist to the Classic Game Night

Doody Head Game |

What time is it? It’s game time! Game Nights are a great way to bring the family together for some good, old-fashioned fun. Break out the snacks and fill up on the beverages because this is going to be a long evening of competition among all who are playing. Gather round the table for a classic board game or park yourself in front of the TV and load up the video game of choice. Either way, make game night a night to remember and you may even turn it into a weekly get-together.

VR Box 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses Headset

VR Glasses | 2Shopper

Virtual reality is growing more and more in popularity today, so what better way to enjoy game night than with a VR Box 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses Headset? Jump into the world of this 3D adventure and immerse yourself in the virtual experience of your favorite game. Simply insert your phone into the headset and choose from the many games and apps available and you’ll be ready to go.

VR Box 2.0 Remote Control

 VR Glasses Remote Control | 2Shopper

Can’t have game night without your trusty controller there to help you change the volume or maneuver through the different levels and title screens. The VR Box 2.0 Remote Control can also be used as a gamepad or mouse and pairs nicely with the VR Box 2.0 Reality Headset for an overall 3D gaming experience.

Jumbo Pill

Remember the old game where you had a cup with a ball attached to it and the goal was to hold the cup steady and somehow swing the ball into the cup? Well, the Jumbo Pill game is a new take on that classic game, except this will test your precision skills and balancing ability in order to put this wooden toy back into its original pill form.

Doody Head Game

Doody Head Game |

Things are about to get weird with this game that takes toilet humor to a whole new level. The Doody Head Game invites players to wear hats on their heads with points printed on them, and each player is asked to fling the poo at each other, aiming for the highest points, and at the end of each round, just add them up and the best score wins.

X-Ray Deck of Cards

Creepy, spooky, and just plain bizarre are what you’ll experience when you break out the X-Ray Deck of Cards. Whether your card game of choice is Poker, Gin Rummy, Blackjack or just Solitaire, these transparent cards will put a fright in your opponents and really make a statement at your next game night.

Wobble Chess Set

You may not think of chess when you are about to plan your game night, but the Wobble Chess Set is not your normal game of chess. This board may seem traditional, but when you look closer, you’ll notice that each square is actually concave because the pieces all sit atop spherical bases. Watch as the Pawns and Knights sway one way while the Rooks and Bishops sway the other. It is interactive fun and an exciting upgrade to this classic game.

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