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Modern Mobiles for Your Home or Nursery

Who says mobiles have to just be used in a child’s room. Of course, traditionally, mobiles were hung over a child’s crib as both decoration and a means of keeping the infant distracted by this interesting, moving piece. However, the mobiles of today can be used for so much more than just their classic use. Hang them in a den, foyer, or even bedroom for a more artistic design that will really add to your overall décor.

Themis Prism Mobile

When art and geometry meet, you’ll get the fantastic Themis Prism Mobile. With its five faced ornaments that delicately hang in five wonderful colors, watch as they dangle and move in one seamless piece of moving art. For even more versatility, you can also stack these little shapes and display on a table or shelf.

Themis Mono Mobile

That one pop of twelve incredible colors will just make your room shine. The Themis Mono Mobile is designed with one, twelve sided, multifaceted shape that takes the meaning of a traditional mobile to entirely new levels.

Themis Trio Mobile

Enjoy not one, not two, but three colorful shapes when you hang or stack the geometric pieces featured in the Themis Trio Mobile. This dimensional work of art features a delightful mixture of bright, cheerful neon colors and calmer, muted shades. Hang it up or stack them together for a new and modern twist on a traditional mobile.

Butterfly Mobile

Bring these beauties of nature indoors and let them fly with the Butterfly Combination Mobile. Enjoy the bright and beautiful colors of these five insects who are perched and ready for take-off inside your home.

Mobile Deco Berceau Medium

Are you ready to take your home under the sea with some beautiful hanging decorations inspired by the water? The Mobile Deco Berceau Medium looks like a hint of seaweed mixed with that tropical vibe that all ocean lovers will enjoy. Hang this mobile in the bathroom, living room or bedroom and turn your abode into a paradise.

Double Rainbow Maker (Solar Powered)

With just the energy from the sun, you can have beautiful rainbows dancing in your home. The Double Rainbow Maker is Solar Powered so you’ll just need it near a window with adequate lighting and watch as the dazzling and colorful light show begins. Turn your home into a magical wonderland filled with double rainbows with this unique take on a mobile.

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