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It Is All About Silicone in Your Kitchen!

Sometimes the hardest thing with kitchens is trying to maintain their cleanliness. If you spend a lot of time cooking, then you probably spend as much time cleaning up. If only there was a better and easier way? The answer is simple. Silicone. Silicone is easy to use, quick to clean, a great method for preserving your foods, and best of all, super affordable for all those culinary connoisseurs out there.

MoMa Placemats

How about a little modern art with your dinner? The MoMa Placemats are designed in a doodle or scratch pattern and really bring a unique touch to any table. Made from laser cut silicone for easy cleanup after all that delicious eating, these artistic placemats will be perfect additions to your next meal.

Silicone Coasters

Silicone Coasters (Set of 8) |

The last thing you want to worry about when drinks are being served is your table getting scratched or a glass sliding and tipping over, spilling the alcoholic contents all over the place. The Silicone Coasters are strong, durable, and secure ways to keep your drinks safe. Use them as trivets to hold hot pans and when you’re done, just pop them in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Rubber Ashtray

Rubber Ashtray

Never worry again about your favorite glass ashtray falling off the coffee table and shattering all over the floor. With the Rubber Ashtray, you’ll have a heat resistant ashtray that won’t melt or burn, and will stay nice and firm on your table, and even if it does fall off, its silicone rubber material won’t break.

Can’t… crush… Not… manly… enough… argh!

Silicone Drying Mat and Trivet

Silicone Drying Mat - Grey | 2Shopper

Enjoy the versatility of this 2-in-1 Silicone Drying Mat and Trivet. Use it to hold all your cups and glasses securely in place as they dry off, or place hot pans and pots on this 100% food grade silicone trivet. It is soft, flexible, and non-slip, so all your fragile items will stay put while they dry.

Food Huggers

Perhaps you have just created the greatest meal ever, but the recipe only called for half a tomato or half a lemon. What do you do with the other halves? You don’t want to waste this food by tossing it out. The Food Huggers are here to save those half-used fruits and vegetables from spoiling thanks to the silicone material that will fit firmly over your foods and keep them nice and fresh for the next meal you make.


Turtle Tea Infuser

Tea time just became extra adorable with the cute little silicone Turtle Tea Infuser. Fill this little green guy’s shell with your favorite tea bags and drop him inside your mug. He’ll happily delight in relaxing in the warm water as your tea begins to infuse and you can enjoy a delicious cup of your favorite blend after he is done enjoying his warm spa.

COQ AU VIN Wine Stopper

Why did the chicken get stuck in the wine bottle? Because he was the COQ AU VIN Wine Stopper and was just doing his job, of course. This playful and fun silicone version of a wine cork will work just as well at keeping your bottles nice and sealed, but will also bring a bit of laughter to your wine drinking.

Kitty Egg Mold

Kitty Egg Mold |

How can you say no to eggs in the morning shaped like this cute little feline? The Kitty Egg Mold will delight any cat lover or breakfast eater with its adorable little face, eyes, nose and ears. Make sunny side up eggs or pancakes easily, and when you’re finished, the silicone mold can wipe clean fast and also be placed in the dishwasher.

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