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How To Keep Your Kids Busy On The Weekends

With summer here, your kids will be out of school, on vacation and looking for something to do to occupy their time. As a parent, you know your kids are bound to get bored easily, so finding new and exciting activities to keep them busy is your mission. Get creative and do some art projects indoors, enjoy a trip to the playground, or enroll them in summer camp. Consider these five fun ideas to try with your kids to help make their summer even more exciting.

Max Traxxx Tracer Racers Infinity Loop Set

Max Traxxx Tracer Racers Infinity Loop Set |

Take your kids to the races with the Max Traxxx Tracer Racers Infinity Loop Set. Let your kids help construct this glow-in-the-dark track complete with loops, straightaways, corners, and turns. Your little ones can become their very own drivers as they control the Tracer Racers which light up from their undercarriages and will illuminate their racing experience.

Little Labs: Water

Looking for a way to get your kids out of the summer heat for a while, while also throwing in an additional educational experience as well? Just because it is summer, doesn’t mean they can’t do some learning. The Little Labs: Water will teach your kids eight science experiments involving water, so don’t worry about getting wet. It is summer after all.

iCreate Digital Crayon Stylus

Kids today are becoming and more and more comfortable with using technology as each day passes. Keep your kids busy with a tablet they can use for games, drawing, and watching videos. The iCreate Digital Crayon Stylus will be a much better accessory for the kids to use than a plain, old, boring stylus because this one resembles an actual crayon. They can color or draw on any tablet for hours upon hours of artistic fun.

Green Earth: Insect Kit

With spring over and summer in full swing, the butterflies will be everywhere. Let your kids experience what it is like to raise a butterfly of their very own with the Green Earth: Insect Kit that comes complete with a feeding pipette, magnifier, padded tip tweezers, net habitat, and book of instructions and activities. The kit doesn’t include any live eggs or larvae, but will provide you with the information on how to order these materials.

My First Laptop- iWood

If your little one is just too young for a real laptop, then give them the next best thing with the My First Laptop iWood. This sleek computer will resemble the real thing except rather than wires and gadgets, you’ll find wood and chalk. Perfect for practicing their drawing and writing skills, bring the gift of technology to your kids at an early age.

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