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5 Handy Gadgets for Under $10

Just because you need a handy tool or gadget doesn’t mean you have to break the bank and go spend a fortune. Sometimes, less is more, and you can still get the device you are looking for, but with a much more affordable price tag. Be smart with your shopping and search for alternative options when you are trying to save some money. Enjoy the convenience of these 5 handy gadgets that are super portable, cost-effective and best of all, under $10.

Handheld Folding Fan

Let’s face it, summer is here and with it comes the extreme heat that is sometimes unbearable. What if you are working outside a lot and need some way to stay cool? Well, fear no more the summer sun because the Handheld Folding Fan is completely portable, hands-free, and can hang from your neck so you have a continuous breeze all day long. When you’re done, set it up on your desk and let the sweet cooling commence even longer.

Mini Keychain LED Flashlight

Keychain Light | 2Shopper

It is always important to have the necessary supplies with you when an unexpected emergency occurs, and that can also include a flashlight. The Mini Keychain LED Flashlight is the bright illuminator you need during those moments when the power goes out suddenly or you need to change a flat tire on a dark road at night. This powerful little light will attach to your keyring so you’ll never be without it again.

KeyQ Key Organizer

KeyQ Compact Key Organizer | 2shopper

Don’t let your messy set of keys ever bother you again now with the help of the KeyQ Key Organizer. This compact and handy gadget is simple to use but yields amazing results. All your keys will stay neatly in this one case with the secure nail that locks them in place so that jumbled pile of keys will be completely organized now.

Travel Tools

Sometimes you just need a screwdriver handy when something breaks, but can never seem to locate one. Well, the Travel Tools is the answer you are looking for because you’ll get two miniaturized versions of your screwdrivers. Simply attach the keyring to your own keychain and you’ll have your very own tiny Phillips head and flathead screwdriver at your fingertips.

10-in-1 Survival Tool

You’ll be surprised how much you can do with the 10-in-1 Survival Tool for such a low price. Need a can opener? Looking for a screwdriver? Searching for a ruler? You’ll get these three things and more with this pocket-sized travel essential that’ll be the perfect answer to all those lost tools and gadgets you just can’t seem to find when you need them.

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