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Cute Animal-Inspired Kitchen Gadgets

Pink Pig Cooking Lid

Being a chef can be hard work, so great ways to liven up that kitchen space are with some fun and exciting new cooking tools. You can even choose a theme for your kitchen and accessorize accordingly. Perhaps you love animals and want to incorporate this passion into your kitchen. These five products are perfect for either you or anyone you know who is both a lover of the culinary arts and adorable animals.

Woodland Salad Set

You’ll just smile with delight whenever you know it is salad time because you will have the perfect excuse to take out your Woodland Salad Set. These handy salad tools feature two of nature’s adorable creatures, the hedgehog and squirrel, each laser etched on the natural beech wood surface, so you’ll never have to worry about these wild animals fading away.

Kitty Timer

You’ll be cooking up the purr-fect dishes thanks to the Kitty Kitchen Timer. This friendly feline is happy to sit by and watch over your foods and let you know exactly when they are ready thanks to its 60-minute timer. Cat-lovers and chefs will absolutely love having this sweet, little kitty in their kitchen from now on.

Bear Hands Oven Mitts

Talk about un-“bear”-ably adorable kitchen accessories. The Bear Hands Oven Mitts are a fun and functional way to safely handle all those hot pans and baking dishes that you just can’t wait to get your paws on. Serve up dinner with a little style from the wild thanks to these oven mitts.

Cat Measuring Cups

Is there a way to possibly measure how cute these Cat Measuring Cups really are? Feast your eyes and ingredients on these precious little kitties who come in four delightful colors of cream, light grey, dark grey, and black. Your cooking just got a whole lot more fun now with a little help from these feline friends who are ready to make your kitchen the most organized around.

Piggy Microwave Plate Cover

Is your microwave a mess of splattered sauces and food residues from all those nights of cooking without a proper cover? Well, your microwave may look like a pigsty, but you can fix that with the Piggy Microwave Plate Cover. This little piggy isn’t going to market, this little piggy is staying home and helping you with your microwaved messes by sealing in all foods so they no longer can splatter, and with a nose as a vent, heat and moisture can also be released for even better cooking.

One comment on “Cute Animal-Inspired Kitchen Gadgets

  1. Marcela Senise
    September 14, 2016

    What a cool post!! Love the gadgets! 🙂


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