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A Touch of Vintage Decorating for Your Modern Home

746 petrol phone
For those who love anything vintage, decorating your home in a variety of different antiques is a great way to give your living space a unique and interesting appearance. Whether you like ornate paintings, classic sculptures, or historic memorabilia, combining the old with the modern is a wonderful chance to remodel your home with a new kind of vintage style. Give your home a taste of the past with these items that will make your living space feel like it is from a different time.

746 Phone Box Red

746 Phone - Phone Box Red | 2shopper

Ring, ring, ring. What’s that sound? It’s the 1960’s calling and they want you to have their favorite telephone for your home today. Take a walk down memory lane with the 746 Phone Box Red which will remind you of the days when rotary phones were all the rage and a smartphone was not even a thought yet.

A is for Awesome Mug

Paul Thurby A is for Awesome Mug

Has anyone today told you that you’re awesome? Start each morning reminding yourself just how great you really are with the A is for Awesome Mug. You can thank the creative mind of Paul Thurlby who is a retro-modern illustrator and designed this fun and complimentary mug so all of you AWESOME people out there can enjoy.

Letter Press Magnets

Wild & Wolf Letter Press Magnets

Turn your refrigerator into a work of art with the Letter Press Magnets. Whether it is a shopping list or a special message, these vintage-style magnets look worn and old-fashioned, and even come in a matching, retro package. These classic magnets will look great on your modern refrigerator.

Franklin Globe

Franklin Globe

Remember the time when people used standing globes as a means of studying the world and all its continents and oceans? You can bring this nostalgic piece of the past to your home with the Franklin Globe which features an aged-quality appearance of yellows and beiges and a vintage-finished base to really accentuate the old-fashioned feel of this great globe.

Moonshine Jug Mug

Moonshine Jug Mug

Do you fancy yourself some moonshine or maybe just like the style of this retro-form of drinkware? The Moonshine Jug Mug can be used for any beverage like  coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Inspired by vintage stoneware moonshine jugs, this 20 ounce hand-fire ceramic mug is ready to call your kitchen cupboards its new home.

Holga 120mm Film Camera

Holga cameras have been around since 1982, and the Holga Starter Kit is a great way to enter the incredible world of photography. Built-in color flash and variable shutter speeds are just two of the array of amazing features you’ll experience when you pick up this camera kit to capture those perfect pictures.

USB Retro Fan

Turn your desk into a “cool” zone with a little help from the USB Retro Fan. This compact and portable device is the perfect accessory you’ll need when you want just a little more cold air as you work. Just plug it into your laptop or computer with the USB cord, and you’ll be all set for the cooling to commence.

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