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A Timely Gift: 5 Modern Clocks

We all need to know the time…once in a while, anyway, so why not have a clock that will reflect your personality and style to the max? Whether you are trendy or retro, burly man or thoughtful artist, looking for a gift or something for yourself, clocks are always timely.


Bring home a timepiece that delivers both the hour of the day and an artistic statement at the same time.  Imagine the conversation starters over your Monochrome Fan Clock, $48.00, especially when you share it was featured at the Museum of Modern Art.

Shadow Wall Clock

Now here is a clock that brings new depth to the word…well…clock.  Really.  This wooden Shadow Wall Clock, $80.00, in a natural finish, has raised numbers that are designed to be looked at from every angle.  How nifty is that?

MoMA Timesphere clock

Simple, stylish, and perfect for the minimalist, the MoMA Timesphere Clock, $65.00, is practically a study unto itself in architectural structure and beauty.  And if you stare at it long enough, you may even figure out how to read it.


If you are a literary snob, or even if you just like to read a lot, the Verbarious Digital Clock, $239.95, is the time keeping solution for which you have always been looking.  Read it and weep with verbiage-centric joy.


This Big Wheel Hour Wall Clock, $100.00, screams steampunk in all its glory. Talk about getting into cool gear! Or gears, as the case may be.



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