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Crank It Up: Fun Wind Up Toys and Gadgets

Get cranking, literally, with these fun gadgets and gizmos that wind up…and could wind up anywhere you want them to. Or not. Sometimes these little things have minds all their own, or at least gear boxes, it seems, but that’s half the fun with low tech nonsense.


Check out this baby! It can go up and over just about everything AND it has sparks coming out of its backside. The Awika Wind-Up, $14.95, goes above and beyond your Dad’s wind-up toys. Oh, yeah.


This little guy is memorizing to watch cruise along.  Is it a fish? Salamander? Maybe a really long frog? Well, whatever the Bonga Wind Up may be, it is definitely lots of fun to watch peddle around. $13.95.


Don’t you need a sports car? Of course, you do and the Zecar Wind Up, $13.50, is the perfect answer. Modern and cool, just imagine how great this will look racing along the office kitchen floor. Sweet!


If you are a big fan of Daddy Long Legs, and even if your aren’t, the Critter Wind Up is absolutely hilarious.  Crank up the leggy gear box and watch it go and go and go and go, amassing giggles all around. $10.50.


If you ever wondered what a breakdancer would look like if him or her had a key, well, the Cosmojetz will alleviate any curiosity you may have had.  This wind up will leave you spellbound, so just put on your favorite dance tunes and let it rip! $10.50.


Let’s not limit ourselves to simply wind up toys. Wind is also a homonym for, well wind! And how cool would it be to create your own wind turbine with the Wind Power 2.0 Construction Kit, $44.95, you can really get things floating.


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