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How To Throw A Fun and Festive Kids Birthday Party!

If you have kids, then you know all too well the amount of work that can go into planning your child’s birthday party. You want to make it an extra special day that they’ll always remember. Buy some festive decorations in a theme they love, keep the kids entertained with some fun party games, and serve up the yummiest birthday cake around. You’ll have a great time watching your kid have a blast on this awesome day dedicated entirely to them.


Photo Booth


Kids love playing dress up and trying on crazy costumes. The Photo Booth set of 20 different props will bring an added level of fun to your child’s birthday. Let the kids pick from hats, glasses, beards, mustaches, ties, and masks as they create the funkiest disguises and costume combinations. Allow their imaginations to run wild with these festive accessories. Just don’t forget the camera to capture the moments.

kids party-1

Automatic Bubble Maker

Bubble machine maker kids birthday

What kids don’t love bubbles? The Automatic Bubble Maker will be a big hit at your kid’s party as they run, jump, dance, and play in an endless stream of soapy bubbles floating all around them. This lightweight and portable device is easy to use and just requires some bubble juice and an outlet to plug into and the bubble magic can begin.



World’s Largest Piano Mat

Bring some music to your kid’s birthday celebration with the World’s Largest Piano Mat. All the kids at the party can get in on the fun with this six foot wide musical instrument. Durable and made from plastic, this mat won’t wear out from all the little feet that’ll be making some musical masterpieces on it. With a variety of instruments to choose from, your kids will have endless hours of musical enjoyment as they craft the next great symphony.

Balloon Animals

Never learned how to make balloon animals before? Forgot to hire the clown this year? No problem. With the Balloon Animals set, you will have everything you need to start constructing your balloon animals all on your own. Choose from a poodle, swan, or rabbit and follow the instructions printed on the balloons, and within seconds, you will have balloon animals that look just like the professionals make.


Cupcake Express Baking Cups

This is one train your kids will definitely want to catch. The Cupcake Express Baking Cups are ready to arrive at a train station (or birthday party) near you. Instead of boring old cargo, these cars are filled with delicious and delectable goodies fit for the birthday boy or birthday girl.

1 Up Cupcake Mold

Perhaps your kids love video games and a certain retro one in particular. The 1 Up Cupcake Mold will make gamers everywhere giggle with joy as they watch their cupcakes be served inside these cute little mushroom-shaped molds.

Taco Truck Taco Holders

Among all the cake, cookies, brownies, and dessert platters, you’ll have to serve some food. Your guests, and especially the parents, can’t just dine on sugar alone. The Taco Truck Taco Holders are a colorfully fun way to bring some actual food to your kid’s party. Give your guests an array of toppings to choose from and let them build their very own custom taco creations and eat them right out of these adorable trucks that’ll park right on your party table.

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