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8 Eco Friendly Gift Ideas


Turn any ordinary cup into a travel mug with the Ecotop lid

If you are looking to go green and help the environment, there are many things you can do to contribute to this movement. Recycle your trash, conserve energy, and try to live a lifestyle that will be more helpful for the environment overall.  With these eco-friendly gifts, you can help do your part to make the environment a better place.

Save Energy

Bottle Light

Save some energy by reducing how much electricity you are using thanks to the Bottle Light. This ingenious creation will have you recycling those old wine bottles or any other kind of bottle, and turning it into a lamp. The cork contains a USB LED light that you simply place at the top of the bottle and watch as it illuminates the entire room.

Gopher Solar Light

Continue to save electricity by lighting up your garden with a little solar power. Capture the sun’s energy throughout the day with this adorable critter, the Gopher Solar Light, and when night falls, give your plants and flowers some illumination that is environmentally-friendly.

Save Plastic

Food Huggers

If you only need half that vegetable or fruit and want to save some money and not waste the other halves, then the Food Huggers are a perfect solution. These FDA silicone covers are BPA free and will preserve your foods and keep them from spoiling, so you won’t have to use unnecessary tin foil or plastic wrap ever again.

Eau Good Filter Water Bottle

Reduce the amount of plastic waste you throw away from now one because you’ll never need another plastic water bottle again with the Eau Good Filter Water Bottle. This eco-friendly bottle is perfect for any occasion and comes with a Binchotan active charcoal filter that’ll keep your water absolutely clean for an even purer drinking experience.

24-7 Eco Bag

You’ll never want to use plain old plastic bags when you go shopping again once you see what the 24-7 Eco Bag is capable of. Sturdy, strong, and durable, this bag can carry up to 35 lbs, is machine washable, looks incredibly stylish, and comes with a shoulder strap for extra comfort. And the best part is, you can easily fold it up into a compact, round ball and store it in your purse or bag when you aren’t using it.

Save Money

Black + Blum Travel Lunch Bowl

Save time and money as you reduce food packaging waste thanks to the Travel Lunch Bowl. Don’t spend a fortune anymore on your lunch break at work when you can pack a healthy and less expensive meal. This convenient lunch accessory comes with a bowl, lid, attachable fork, and additional container for sauces and dressings.

PACKIT Mini Cooler Snack Bag

PACKIT Mini Cooler / Snack Bag

Pack a lunch before you head to work tomorrow morning with the PACKIT Mini Cooler/ Snack Bag. Made from PVC/lead free, non-toxic, earth-safe and reusable materials, this fully insulated lunch tote contains an eco-gel that’ll keep your foods cold for up to 10 hours. Why spend so much money every day on a lunch when you can help your wallet and the environment with this stylish cooler?

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