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The Essential Packing List for Your Epic Road Trip

Road trips are a fun way to travel across the country and really get an up close and personal look at the many sights and tourist attractions throughout the states. Whether you are going at it alone or are taking that long drive with your friends or family, you’ll clearly be stuck in the car quite a lot. Here are six items that’ll make those hours spent behind the wheel that much easier.

EMT Emergency Meal Transport

If you are taking a road trip, then you know there will sometimes be lengthy moments in the car between the next rest stop or gas station. If you get hungry or thirsty throughout your journey, you’ll be glad to have your EMT Emergency Meal Transport. The outside is labeled as “Human Organ for Transplant” so you’ll be turning heads each time you reach for a soda or sandwich inside this cool looking cooler.

Happy Jackson Travel Stuff Wallet 


You don’t want to be stranded out on the roads without your wallet and money do you? The Happy Jackson Travel Stuff Wallet is a great way to store all the essentials you’ll need during your driving. With three compartments labeled “Lovely Money,” “Tickets & Stuff” and “Passport, Etc.”, you’ll have everything you need during your travels.

Whale Travel Pillow

Zip & Flip Whale Head Rest |

If your neck and back gets sore during those hours spent cruising down the highways, then you’ll enjoy having the Whale Travel Pillow there to put some comfort back into the driver’s seat. This cute ocean dweller will attach to your bags with ease so when you are ready to rest that tired head, he’ll be right there to lean on.

3 Speed Personal Folding Fan



There’s nothing worse than having to drive long distances in the summer heat without adequate air conditioning. Is your car’s AC not cooling you down enough or do you just want even more wind blowing in your face while you drive? The 3 Speed Personal Folding Fan is a portable way to cool yourself down during all that traveling.

Go Clean Travel Bags

Keep your travel accessories neatly organized now with a helpful set of Go Clean Travel Bags. Pack your sandals in the Go Clean Sandals Bags for your road trip and keep them conveniently and cleanly away from the rest of your clothes thanks to this durable nylon travel bag. Otherwise, for additional stuff that you absolutely need on this cross-country drive, consider the Go Clean Stuff Bag which is a handy travel companion to have for all those random items you just had to pack.



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