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Funny and Unique Office Desk Supplies

In between the meetings and deadlines, you’ll need something to make the day go by quicker and to add a little humor to your workspace. With these hilarious office accessories, your desk will be the most popular at work.


TRASHED! Sticky Notepads

Trashed Notes

When frustration overwhelms you at work and you have written and rewritten that assignment a hundred times to no success, you tear that sheet of paper out and crumple it before tossing it in the trash. With the TRASHED! Sticky Notepads, these pieces of paper have already been pre-crumpled yet work just like new.

Passive Aggressive Notes

Hopefully whoever you leave these Passive Aggressive Notes for at work has a sense of humor. These sarcastic fill-in-the-blank notes give you the opportunity to let those coworkers of yours know exactly how you feel as you check off different complaints you have against them with these not-so-subtle messages.

Clip Holders

Genius Clip Holder

Bring the intellect and humor of Albert Einstein to your workspace with the Genius Paperclip Holder. This brilliant magnetized organizer is shaped just like the famous physicist and will keep all your paperclips neatly together on his head as you decorate and design different hairstyles each time.

Basin Clip Holder

Basin Sink Paperclip Holder

If you’ve got paperclips leaking all over your desk, contain the flood of clutter with the Basin Clip Holder. Magnetically keep all your clips securely from spilling across your workspace with this sink-shaped organizer that looks so real, your coworkers will expect water to come out of it.

Desk Accessories

Daily Mood Flipchart

Let everyone at work know exactly the kind of mood you are in that day with the Daily Mood Flipchart. Choose from 47 different moods that each display a face to convey the emotion, a definition,  and a sentence to really explain exactly how you feel.

Secret Toilet

If you want to be the office prankster, you can’t go wrong with the Secret Toilet. This hilarious gag gift will give whoever is gullible enough to open the lid a nice soaking as it sprays water up at them from the toilet bowl.

Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

Your eyes are not deceiving you. The Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag is not your average plastic zipper bag, but a hand-blown glass piece made to resemble one. Perfect for storing candy, snacks, or office supplies, your coworkers will never believe that it is really in fact made of glass and not plastic.

Butt Station Desktop Organizer

 butt station office desk accessory


Bring a little toilet humor to work thanks to the Butt Station Desktop Organizer. Store your pens, tape, memos, sticky pads, and paperclips all neatly in this handy desk accessory and get a laugh each time you go to grab your office supplies.

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