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The Greatest Garlic Gadgets, Tools and Recipes


Don’t you just love walking into a kitchen or restaurant and smelling the incredibly tasty aromas of cooking garlic? It makes your mouth water and turns any boring dish into a well-seasoned masterpiece. Whether you are partaking in the love of garlic because you enjoy the flavor or to take advantage of its many health benefits, allow these four products to help you eat that garlic.

Garlic Twist 3G

garlic mincer

Take the tough out of food prep and make it simple now thanks to the Garlic Twist 3G. This handheld kitchen tool will have you peeling and mincing garlic in no time. The faster you can chop it, the quicker you can start the cooking with that delicious garlic flavor.


Enjoy that garlic flavor with some crunchy garlic bread to go with your dinner thanks to this recipe from 

Buttercup Butter Maker

Ever wanted to try a fun DIY project at home or just wondered how you make your own butter without heading to a store and buying some? Well, with the Buttercup Butter Maker, you can easily make butter all by yourself in minutes. And for the garlic lovers out there, create a flavored butter by adding in any ingredient you like, including garlic of course!


Looking for a delicious recipe for Garlic Butter? Check out this tasty treat courtesy of 

GarlicMachine Garlic Press

chefn garlic mincer

Are you looking for a way to press that garlic fast? Enjoy the simplicity and ease of the GarlicMachine Garlic Press which will have you pressing so much garlic, you won’t know what to do with it. Simply insert some cloves of garlic into the device, turn the handle, and watch as the garlic magically minces before your eyes without ever having to pick up a cutting knife. Now that’s cooking made better.


Toss in that minced garlic with your pasta and feast your eyes and taste buds on this garlic-flavored pasta and shrimp dish recommended by this chef at 

Organic Culinary Herb Garden Maker

Perhaps you want some really fresh garlic, right from the ground? Grow your own with the Organic Culinary Herb Garden Maker. Choose from 8 varieties of seeds, including garlic chives, and plant your garden of cooking herbs so you’ll have them all ready for seasoning your next great dishes.


What are your favorite ways to use garlic? Leave us a comment below!

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