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Best Gift Ideas For Sports Fans

Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, volleyball, tennis…there are just too many sports to possibly list. Sports are a great way to bring people together both as spectators cheering on their favorite team, but also as athletes competing for the love of the game. Whether you are a sports fan, know someone who is, or play yourself, get into the game with these sports themed gifts that’ll surely be a winner!

Ball Socks


You can’t go to your next sporting event without being completed decked out in the proper gear and the Ball Socks will make the perfect stylish addition to your outfit. Choose from either soccer, basketball, or baseball, and enjoy these comfortable pairs of socks that’ll really showcase your love of the game.


Trophy Shot Glass

Did you just win that big game and are looking for a way to celebrate? You’ll be getting that trophy of course, but with the Trophy Shot Glass, you can take a congratulatory sip of your favorite alcohol to really celebrate your recent victory. This miniaturized shot glass will make that championship that much more awesome.


Taking notes for the next big game? Planning your strategy and plays so you’ll bring your team to victory? Or are you just keeping score at home for your Fantasy Football league? With the PLAY MORE Notepad, it doesn’t matter whether you are playing or watching because you’ll enjoy this athletic themed notebook that is designed with eight sports-related pages, so each time you crumple up that paper in frustration, you’ll see a different sports ball.

Subbuteo Salt & Pepper Grinders

Subbuteo Salt & Pepper Grinders |

Remember that old-school table top football game from the 1960’s? Even if you are too young to have played it, you can bring back that nostalgic feeling with the Subbuteo Salt & Pepper Grinders. These durable players are ready to take on your bland foods and make them seasoned and ready for eating. Add a little salt and pepper to your dishes now thanks to these retro-inspired sports players.

Spare Pin Bar Set

Bring the bowling alley home and into your bar collection with the Spare Pin Bar Set. Perfect for wine lovers and fans of bowling, this 3-piece bar tool kit comes with a waiter’s corkscrew, combo spout/bottle opener and drip guard so you’ll be able to pop all those bottles open throughout your evening.

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