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5 Gifts For Selfies Lovers

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Do you just love taking selfies? Is your first thought when you are out somewhere to pull out your cell phone and snap that perfect pic of yourself? You are clearly not alone. The act of taking selfies has only increased as it gained popularity. If you’re looking for that great self-photo, then you’ll need the proper equipment to help you out. Take your selfie game to the next level with these 5 gadgets and you’ll be a selfie pro in no time.

Me & You Selfie Monopod

Leave behind the days of asking a stranger to take your picture for you with the Me & You Selfie Monopod. This hand-held accessory allows you to plug your phone in and take all the photos you want using the Bluetooth remote shutter control, so you’ll be able to capture those selfie shots anytime.

iSnapx Remote Wireless Shutter Control

Sometimes you have to rely on the camera timer to capture those precious moments. However, how many times have you set the countdown only to miss the picture altogether? The iSnapx Remote Wireless Shutter Control makes the process so much easier. This little device gives you full control of your phone’s camera from up to 10 feet away. With just a push of the button, you can snap as many pictures as you like and never have to worry about missing that timer again.

Impossible Lab Instant Photo Printer

Impossible Instant Lab 2.0 Universal |

Perhaps you like the modern trend of taking selfies, but yet still enjoy the old-school style printing of actual photos instantly. With the Impossible Lab Instant Photo Printer, you can take as many selfies as you want and print them out immediately afterwards so you and your friends can all appreciate the great memories within seconds. Just hook up your phone, choose a photo, and let it print.

Lomo’Instant Camera 

Instead of using your cell phone to capture the perfect selfie and then hooking it up to a printer to see the results, try a regular camera and observe the differences. The Lomo’Instant Camera will remind you of the classic Polaroids where you can get a physical copy of your photo instantly. Take as many as you like, frame them, put them in an album, or create a collage. The selfie reflector in the front makes this the best instant camera for selfie pictures.

Selfies Photo Album

Keep all the family photos of you and the relatives on vacation, celebrating birthday parties, or attending weddings in one album, and highlight only pictures of yourself in the Selfies Photo Album that is…you guessed it…all about you. It even says so on the cover! This album has a mirror on the front to really highlight the point that there will be only one star featured in this collection of photos.

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