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Great Gifts for Gardeners

Finding interesting and unique gifts for the gardener can be a challenge, but here are some ideas that may make the whole process quicker than sowing a row of purple baby carrot seeds on a Saturday morning before breakfast. Well, something like that, anyway.

Send Them Garden-Inspired Greetings


This unique greeting will surely bring a smile to the garden-lover, ideal for those living in apartments and away at school. Postcarden, $8.95



I Love You Bean

No giants included with these Magic Beans, $6.95, but they have their own surprise to share as they sprout!



Sabuda Pop-up Note Cards are a wonderful way to personalize a sentiment for someone who loves their garden. Daffodil, $20.00, or Hummingbird, $20.00

Let Them Grow Their Own




For those who love cooking the fruits, or vegetables, of their labors, an Organic Basil Garden-in-a-Bag, $9.95, may be the pinch of something they need.


If the gardener in your life wants to keep it fresh, the Organic Culinary Herb Garden, $25.00, is just the gift to make that happen.

ghost chili

If your botanical buddy can stand the heat, the Magic Vegetables: Ghost Chili, $6.95, will add punch to any  homegrown meal.

lavender in a bag

The perfect stress reliever, this Heirloom Lavender Garden-in-a-Bag, $9.95, will benefit everyone who wanders by.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun (for Good, of course)



Give your favorite gardener a sweet Gardentude Raccoon Solar Light, $30.00, or adorable Gardentude Gopher Solar Light, $30.00, varmints that, for a change, will light up their life.


Bring a little romance to their garden patio when gifting the Soji White LED Solar Lanterns, $19.99.


It’s no secret this guy can add a little something-something to the garden while keeping an eye on things. Peeping Gnome Solar Light, $30.00.

Bringing the Outside In

Cinch Hanger


Get those pots up where they can be seen and appreciated with this Cinch Plant Hanger, $9.95, a wonderful display for the porch, lanai, or entry.

mini water globes

If your gardener tends to one of the indoor variety, these Mini Water Globes (Set of 3), $12.95 will as appreciated as they are beautiful.



This clever egg is the complete package; dirt and seeds. Eggling, $10.95, comes in several varieties, too, spicy red pepper, prickly cactus, Shasta daisy, wild strawberry, and more to create a perfect little garden.



For someone living in close quarters, the Aqua Farm, $68.95, will give your gardener plants to tend and a pet!

Goodies for the Garden

Sundial Garden Sculpture

If you are looking for something unique, the Anno Domini Garden Sculpture, $149.95, may be the answer and will become a garden highlight.


horse head squirrel feeder

For the gardener with a sense of humor, the Horse Head Squirrel Feeder, $18.95, will deliver smiles and squirrel food. What more could you want in a gift?


spiky owl sculpture

Share some wisdom with the Spikey Owl Sculpture, $25.90. Whoooo wouldn’t love this in their garden?


ecoCrock Compost bin

Don’t let anything go to waste with the EcoCrock Compost Bin, $40.95, and help them keep their garden happy and healthy.

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