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Top 10 Party Lights and Decorations Under $30


Adding just the right lighting to any party can send it right up over the top and you don’t need to have deep pockets to create that kind of atmosphere.  Here are some fun ideas for your next party that will add mood, flash, flair, and maybe even some bubbles.

1. Mini Strobe Light


Now you can flash in both public and private with this Mini Strobe Light, $10.95 and no one will have to call the police. This portable machine is lightweight enough to take with your anywhere and compact enough to go unnoticed wherever you choose to set it up. With a flick of a switch, you can light up your place with this bright, LED device that allows you to control the speed of the flash.



2. Rotative Kaleidoscope Light



Want something a little wild and crazy? The Rotative Kaleidoscope Light, $15.95, is the perfect attention grabber.The amazing light and mirror sequences produced by the kaleidoscope make it perfect as an LED Party Light. Battery operated, and at only 3″ inches big, the Rotative Kaleidoscope Light can go where you go. Useful as both a party light or an ambient light for any room.


3. 5″ Inch Disco Ball

UND120B.jpgKeep disco alive and well by installing this 5″Inch  Disco Ball, $16.95, with 360-degree rotation, right into the center of your activities. Dazzle your guests as they delight in this modern take of a retro disco ball. At only 5 inches big, this portable disco ball will illuminate your entire party in a display of colorful lights.


4. String Lights


Tickle everyone’s fancy and let fantasy be your guide as you dress your party area with these fairy-like Copper String Lights, $16.95. Featuring a reomte control, optional brightness levels and various lighting modes available, there’s bound to be an illumination style to light up your night.


5. Cube Strobe Light with Color Filters


Literally, add flashes of color to the action on your dance floor with the Cube Strobe Light with Color Filters, $17.95. This portable light system will come with you anywhere you need it and will give you an array of colors to choose from thanks to the green, yellow, and red filters. You can also change the speed of the flashes for your own custom light show.

6. Aqua Mood Light


Why should air have all the fun when you can drop an Aqua Mood Light, $18.95,  into a strategically placed vase, aquarium, or any water-filled container to take your lighting to a new level…er…uh, depth.


7. LED Solar Lanterns


Captivate your guests with these delightful LED Solar Lanterns, $19.99.  Not only are they beautiful, they harness the power of the sun for good. And for parties.

8. Rattan Balls String Lite


If a dash of mystery is what you need for your evening, these Rattan String Lites, $23.95, will deliver an atmosphere to die for.

9. White Lantern String Lites


Add a bit of 1930’s glamour with these lovely White Lantern String Lites, $27.95. Perfect for a gathering out on the lanai.

10. Bubble Machine

UND150.jpgOkay, so it’s not really lighting, but bubbles are light and airy and sure to add fun to your party when you have this Bubble Machine, $29.95, going strong.


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