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Essentials For Traveling Abroad

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Summer is a great time to get some traveling done. Whether you take the opportunity to visit relatives far away or are going to explore a new destination, traveling is a great chance to get away for a while and experience something different for a change. While away on those trips though, you’ll want to make sure you have items that will come in handy. Before setting sail on that amazing cruise across the ocean or taking to the skies to your next exciting destination, don’t forget these 5 essential accessories that you’ll be thankful to have while traveling abroad.

Pack Smart

Spacepak clothes

Spacepak Clothes

Reclaim your trip (and your spending money) with a nylon space-saving carry on bag designed to store enough clothing for a two-week trip! How so? Rivets built into the sides of this flight bag allow you to decompress the width of a full bag without wrinkling clothes.  We love that the two zippered compartments on each side of the bag make sure your clean clothes and dirty clothes stay separate.

Shoe Bags

With Go Clean Shoes, you can fit not one, but two pairs of your shoes all neatly tucked away in separate compartments and out of reach from the rest of your garments.


Carry-On Travel Bottles

These travel bottles are TSA-compliant and are leak-resistant, and shatterproof, so there’s no worries about getting through a checkpoint or having a clean bag once you unpack.

flight001 f1 foam up bottles

F1 Foam Up Set

The F1 Foam Up Set makes using travel size toiletries a breeze, especially ones like mousse and shaving cream. Rather than packing an entire bottle or can, this toiletry bag includes two pump bottles that are perfect for holding foaming products.

Travel Smart Tubes

These soft and squeezable Travel Smart Tubes are TSA approved and already fit the carry on size for liquids and toiletries. With versions between 2 oz or 3 oz. So Smart Tubes are ready for flight when you are


Make The Haul Easier


Add-A-Bag Strap

When you are traveling, you always end of packing too many bags and never have enough room on your arms to carry them all. You can’t leave that necessary piece of luggage behind, so what do you do? You invest in the Add-A-Bag Strap. This clever travel companion lets you easily attach your carry-on bag to your regular suitcase with the handy strap, so you’ll have one less item to worry about lugging around with you throughout your trip.

Bag Bungee

Bag Bungee

Stacks on stacks, the Bag Bungee is a handy travel accessory that holds everything in one place. Pack all of your extra carry-on bags, blankets, pillows safely atop your suitcase or luggage so you can have one hand free for cell phones, maps, coffee or a simple wave hello.

Bag bungee


Travel Comforts


Outdoor Soft Inflatable Pillow

Traveling can get awful tiring. Those long car rides, the lengthy plane flights, or the bus trips across country. You’ll need the Outdoor Soft Air Inflatable Camping Pillow to take with you and give you the comfort and relaxation you need. It’s easy to inflate to your liking and because it’s made of soft PVC, it’s easy to clean, so you can use it indoor or outdoors.

FLIGHT 001 F1 4 in 1 Adaptor

Flight 001 F1 4-in-1 Travel Adapter

There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to use your electronics while traveling because of the different outlets around the globe, and without a power converter, what are you to do? Consider the F1 4 in 1 Adapter and experience traveling with all your electronics in a whole new way. This convenient accessory will provide you with the power you need with a color coded system to make sure you use the right outlets for the country you are visiting.

Motion Sickness Relief Band

Motion Sickness Relief Band

Is a cruise or boating in your summer vacation plans, but the very idea of motion sickness is already making you worried? Banish those fears with the Motion Sickness Relief Band which will help you say goodbye to feelings of nausea and hello to the open sea. As simple as wearing a watch, this device uses acupuncture technology and massaging vibration to help ease that upset stomach and uneasy feeling while on the waves both before and after the motion sickness sets in.


Are you traveling anywhere special this summer? Have you used any of the products mentioned in this post? Leave us a comment below!

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